Monday, March 15, 2010

Whoo Hoo!!

Wow - I have followers - more than I thought I'd have within the first week or two - THANK YOU! for checking out this blog! I am getting to your blogs - slowly but surely - I have said before, I am funny about that and go back to the very beginning of each blog I follow...time consuming but fun to look at all the projects, pics and read the stories!

Well, if you are a follower of Terri's blog, you know our KSSG (Kindred Spirits Sampler Guild) held a fundraiser auction yesterday -pictures follow of a few "live auction" pieces...most went for well over $50, I think and one even went for quite a bit over $200...whoo hoo! (I have a list of things Debbie - also a KSSG member - is going to help me with and linking you to their blogs is on that list - thanks in advance Debbie)! Any way, lots of pics coming up! The first is the box with all kinds of stitching accessories - I didn't think to take a photo of the top either, Terri. Done over one, finished beautifully, absolutely stunning, this is! It was done by Nancy. Santa's bag held scissors with a jingle bell fob. So cute, made by my good friend Roz...

Vera Bradley accessories made for a stitcher... I can't remember who did them but they were way cool! The table was a shot of the live auction items (and forgive me, I am still learning how my camera works and then how to transfer the bestest shots for you to see).

My contribution was the pillow to the right on the bench. These are an easy make and I knew there were a couple Mary Englebright fans in the guild...I know Sharon will enjoy it! (the pillow next to it is one I have out from Valentine's Day) cleaning and putting it away Wednesday afternoon!

I bid on a frog with scissors and fobs made by Terri - her friend, Sally outbid me. Since she was a guest, I was gracious! I loved so many items, but only came home with the pumpkin box and pattern w/ charms. I have some Halloween smalls that will live in the box, so it's perfect!
For those of you who know I work full-time, why am I cleaning Wednesday? Well, my DH is having surgery (minor) in the a.m. and I have the day off to take care of him. So while he's napping after we return home, I am going to clean my dusty house (instead of stitching - heavy sigh); but do not fret, I will have much time to stitch because I am off this Friday, heading to Davison with my BFF Mary. My LNS sponsors a stitching camp (I call it the B.A. stitch-in). I am taking a finishing class with Amy Bruecken - this is my before picture - it's stitched and ready to be frosted! I can't wait to have the class - Amy is so much fun!

The other two are a finish for me! It's a design of her's called "Feet" and at her suggestion, I put shoe laces on my boots ...Help, Amy - I need your assistance to keep them straight! I will be taking this with me to show her as I was putting the finishing touches on it last year when I was at the B.A. Stitch-in. I received it from Mary for my birthday, with the frame it's in above. The closeup pic is not that great and off color...the framed pic is much more accurate.

Well off to bed I am, after sending a couple emails out. Thanks for stopping by and I'll post more finishes soon and I will have some stash enhancements to post after next weekend, I'm sure...and I have some pics of items I purchased with a gift certificate I won earlier this year - details soon! Have a great week everyone!

Smiles and sunshine to all! Sherry ;o}


  1. Wasn't the auction fun!? It is definitely the must attend event of the year and I'm already looking forward to next year. I didn't realize you had made the pillow - it was darling!

    Good luck on your dh's surgery and have fun on Friday and come back with lots of good stash.

  2. The auction sounds and looks like it was so much fun with decisions to be made as to what you wanted to purchase. I am glad you had a nice time.
    Be always in stitches.

  3. Isn't blogging fun? Thanks for the pictures of the guild auction. I love seeing what your guild is up to. I so wish I had a good guild around here to go to. So sad. I love the pillow you made for the auction! Good wishes for your DH's surgery. Hope the dusty house isn't too hard to clean. I hate dusting!! Oh, and you're so lucky to take classes with Amy -- she sounds like fun!

  4. You're going to be really addicted to blogging. I can't believe that you're going back to the beginning of these!

    The auction was a lot of fun. I didn't post any pictures of it because you and Terri had it pretty much covered. Wasn't it amazing the haul that Sally went home with!!! It was a lot of fun though.

    Shoot me an email or give me a call when you need some blogging help - not that I'm an expert - but I'll do the best I can.

  5. From one new blogger to another--you are doing a great job! That auction looks just wonderful--makes me want to joing my local sampler guild. :) But ANG and EGA is enough for me!

  6. Isn't blogging fun and you meet the best people! I started doing the same thing you are doing - read blogs from back to front - but time slipped away and now I can barely keep up with the current :-)

    Your guild sounds like such fun - I wanna join - can you just teleconference in each meeting? I love the pillows you made AND, how gracious of you to give up the frog Terri brought.

    Your stitcy pieces are so cute - love the shoe strings.

    Enjoy your week Sherry!

  7. Thanks for the blog informatin Hope you had a great stitching week end

  8. I love all the projects! Thank you for sharing the pictures!


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