Friday, March 5, 2010

Ta Da - So I can post a picture!!

And don't worry stitching, you will always be my first love (in addition to the people in my life I love, of course). First, I want to say a big THANK YOU to Terri (Kindred Spirits Sampler Guild sister)...she has introduced me to the followers on her blog. I don't know how to do links yet like she did, with just my name, but if you have stumbled on here without her direction, her blog is so be sure to check it out - she is a fabulous stitcher and her writing is very refreshing. She has tons of great blogs she follows and that's kind of the reason I'm doing this - I've followed a few stitching blogs but her's pushed me over the edge into this abyss...

I think I have some pics loaded and will explain. I started quilting as a teenager and never finished a thing... then I started a quilt for someone having a baby... did a stitched one instead for them, but had this bug jar quilt so when my son was born I thought "how perfect, it's kinda a boys quilt, I'll do it for him". Some 14/15 years later, I picture yet of his...I will do soon. My nephew loved the quilting and the fabric so I took the stash I had left and made him a quilt (just squares, not really following a pattern). Make one for one nephew, have to make one for all the nieces and nephews. Now they already each received a stitched or crocheted quilt as a baby; and believe it or not, when my sister had a house fire a couple years ago and lost their entire house, those quilts survived....but then she adopted an 8 year old from China...too old for a baby quilt, so along came the next one...I have a couple more to do but I'm making progress.

Anyway, here are some pictures:This is the back of Brennen' the dragon fly - it matches the dragonfly border pictured below - the front of his quilt.

The first quilt for Jordan (my son) and this among a couple other works in progress (WIP) have created a quilt monster in my sewing room (or the purple passion room to my honey - not because of passion in that room, mind you, but because it has lilac walls, furniture that I sponge painted over white with lilacs and greys, darker lilac carpet, white eyelet curtians and some day a quilt with purples!) So I lapse off often, into other conversations, those who know me are used to it. Anyway...these are Amira's - my niece who was 8 upon her arrival here to's flannel and so cozy!

The pattern for this was "Yellow Brick Road" and SO easy! I am now starting another one for my husband, flannel out of Moda "Trail Adventures" fabric - although I am searching for some additional fabric in that line and it's about 3 years old (yes, I've had it that long and am just getting to know how these things go).

Well, I want to stitch some tonight. Figuring this out took a little more time than I thought and after a very full week at work, needle to thread is just what I need until it's time to sleep. I have other pics loaded and will post more - I will get some stitching pics in here too!

Thanks for all the followers I have so far - and for the words of encouragement - don't give up on me before I figure this all out!!

Stitch Happy! Sherry :>)


  1. Welcome to our little world of blogging! There are so many wonderful, talented women out there.

    What beautiful quilts! I love the dragonflys. I can't wait to see your stitching.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Great quilts, Sherry! They are all wonderful but the last one is my favorite with the pretty, girly colors!

  3. Was just at Terri's blog and saw you have a new blog, so had to come visit. Welcome to blog-o-sphere!

  4. Great quilts and great start on the blog! It took me awhile to figure it all out too. Don't hesitate to ask about things. Stitchers are great but stitching bloggers are the best! Welcome to blogging!

  5. Both quilts are great! Did you do your own quilting? I've had fabric to do a Yellow Brick Road quilt for over a year, but other things seem to shove it aside. Seeing yours makes me want to start on my quilt this minute!

  6. Welcome to Blogville! Very cute quilts, and I can't wait to see more stitchy and quilty loveliness. :)

  7. Welcome to the abyss Sherry. I must admit that you have a good friend in the one who gave you that push. We all check out our friends new blogs and love to see what inspires other stitches. Feel free to pop in to mine and take a look-see. Time is easily passed with all of the catching up but it is always a nice break.
    Be always in stitches.

  8. Lovely quilts Sherry, thanks for sharing

  9. Welcome Sherry to blogland. Love your quilts--do you do the "quilting" part yourself or take it out to be long armed?

  10. Hi, get to know your blog from Terri, welcome to blogland, Sherry! You do beautiful quilts! :)


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