Sunday, June 27, 2010

Welcome New Followers, Some Progress and Babbling

Welcome to my new followers - I was at 29 for the longest time and now I am exciting! I really love that people check out the blog and hope that you find my ramblings interesting. Anyone who knows me personally knows I love to talk - I imagine some would consider that an understatement. To find people who check back in and follow this blog is amazing to me. Thanks to all the people who leave comments too; I read each and every one and I know they take time....Welcome, put up your feet, relax and visit for a bit...

Well, went shopping today - spent some much needed, quality time with my BFF, Mary! Whew did we put the miles on her jeep and boy did we laugh! Didn't buy much but it wasn't about the buying, it was about the hanging with my bud! I picked up some Halloween fabric - don't you just love the one-eyed cat & witch! The pumpkins will be great on the back of a pillow. The
snowmen will look great on the back of a Bent Creek pillow - I have plenty to finish, finish and the background color of the snowmen is perfect - kind of WDW Maple Syrup! Of course no trip to any fabric store would be complete without acquiring a batik. The other two fat 1/4's are Christmas. Believe it or not, the purse pattern is called The Two Hour Tulip Purse and we'll just see about that - I will be timing...but it has the sizing for four different sizes; should be fun and it's so cute! I'll have to pick up a batik for that, I think....maybe make the medium size, what do you think?

So did I make any stitching progress this week, you ask! Well, actually I did. I stitched this past Monday with my wonderful friends (as mentioned in my last post). Here's the progress I made on The Red Flower Sampler. I have a close-up of the three flowers that are kind of giving me decision making fits right now. I stitched the centers with different stitches each so I could see what I like (or don't like). I have to pick one now. The first has french knots, the second is a satin type stitch and the third (far right) is a scotch type. I like the knots, I don't like the scotch at all. Decisions, decisions and now I have to rip out and redo. Maybe I will decide tonight as I put in the last line which is all I have left to do - the personalization. What do you think? The end is near - this project was started many moons ago and I can't wait to get it laced and then find a frame. I am going to hang it in my family room. The other pic is a wider shot. Isn't she so pretty!

I took a picture of my rose bush. Now aren't roses supposed to be hard to grow? Well not this one. I don't do much except trim it. Last time I did that, I cut off way too much according to what I read - but it keeps coming back. These blooms are starting to fade; I'm afraid the heat and humidity is getting to them. The rose bush looks like I feel most the time lately.

My neighbor and friend's oldest daughter graduated from high school this year. Yesterday was her graduation party and when we walked to the yard right next door, it was about 90*, hot, hot, hot! You know it's bad when you put an ice cube in your iced tea (which was cold) and it melts in about five minutes you're in trouble - especially when you're well insulated like I am!

Worked four days this past week and it felt like six, we'll see how this next week goes - full, five day week. But the week after, looking forward to that! Off for the fourth of July on Monday and then go to work Tuesday, do payroll and clean up my desk for a few days off. YeeHoo! Also this Thursday or Friday my sister-in-law and my mother-in-law will be here for a few days for a visit. I haven't seen s-i-l for quite awhile, m-i-l was here earlier this spring around Easter time. It will be a nice visit and we plan on just relaxing, playing some Skip-bo or a new dice game we've found called Farkle. My son's girlfriend will meet the grandma and aunt - boy that will be interesting since that's a first for all of us; this uncharted waters is very interesting.
Well, I'm off to stitch, watch "Scoundrels" and "The Gates", two new Sunday shows to "watch" while stitching. Isn't that funny, I don't know about you, but I don't "watch" t.v. while stitching, but listen to it.
Have a happy week and stitch lots,
Night - Sherry :0)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Awesome Monday! and other ramblings...

Well, I realized today I haven't posted for two weeks (I really thought it was one week, Pam).... Yes, Pam mentioned to me today that it had been awhile since I posted. Where was I when talking with here today? That will be the awesome monday part of the title and I'll fill you in on that in a bit.

So here's what I received in the mail the other day..I am doing a BOM "Civil War Tribute"...haven't started the quilt yet, but bought these over Memorial Day weekend (my first on-line quilting purchase) because I want to sub out some of the fabrics...they are yummy!

In the next picture - these are the blocks I've been working on for a couple weeks for my husband's quilt. They are flannel and very soft. I have a couple stacks and have one more combination to do before assembly!
Another thing I have been working on...well, there's a story. My husband is a picker...that is, he loves other people's "treasures". When he was a boy, he found a casket carrier tossed out in the trash by the funeral home down the street where he lived. He then used it to pick up other things on trash day. That hasn't ended - garage sales, we stop; estate sales, he's there; someone leaves something out by the trash, he slows and checks it out. Now this is a good thing. He's very handy with engines and such and we have never bought a lawn mower; people put those to the road with problems as simple as a clogged filter or because they bought a better one. When my son was young, my husband and I were driving and saw one of those chalk board, painting easel thingies...they were expensive, I was a stay-at-home mom and trying to save money when I can, so we stopped and picked it up. I stayed in the car, very embarrassed. Well, last weekend I was doubling back to pick up my husband while out running errands and I came across a wire shelving unit. I told my husband when he got into the car that we were going back around the block and I needed his help. He laughed because I picked!! It was missing two husband fixed it with a board and now in my studio I have this:

And after a little over an hour, this:

These things retail for more than I wanted to spend! Boy does that free up some space and takes care of the piles I had laying around - and there's still empty places! The basket on the floor on the right, well it's full of stitched things that are not finished, FINISHED...but they will be, someday.
I have not made much progress on stitching things, which leads me to tell you about my awesome day today! I spent the day with some of the most talented women (a couple were absent due to travel, work, not feeling well, life) I know! My friends get together once a month or so, at rotating houses, the host makes a delicious lunch and we stitch, visit, laugh. Well with my hubby working an off shift, it's hard for me to host, not mention that sometimes I have no idea until the day or two before if I can miss work to attend! Today I took a vacation day, I brought the lunch to Paulette's so that my husband could sleep like normal and I could have my turn "hosting". We had a yummy lunch and banana cake with really good frosting, if I do say so myself ('cuz I took all the food). I stitched some on my Red Flower Sampler and made some progress but I will have to post a pic later. I had another strip bag made and gave to Robin for a very belated bday gift - three months late...better late than never.
A couple evenings ago, I did another letter on the Alpha-Bits but I don't have any pictures yet. Tune in later, I promise I will post stitching progress next time...

Well if you want to move on to the next blog, feel free...the rest is the "other ramblings" I mentioned in my title. What else have I been doing?
My niece, Olivia, played in the finals for the state of Michigan girl's varsity Lacrosse. They made it all the way to the finals and it was an amazing couple weeks to watch these girls in Brighton's first ever run for the title in girl's lacrosse. Brighton Bulldogs fell to Rockford in the state finals...but what a run, and the girls were thrilled to be there. It was the hottest day we've had here in Michigan and players and fans alike melted! That was what I did for a couple evenings/Saturday afternoon.

It was the last day of school a little over a week ago; Junior year behind my son. He's looking forward to the last year of school (AS IS HIS MOTHER). If you're a praying person, pray for an successful year as he struggles with some of his classes. He continues to struggle and once out of school, pursuing what he wants to do he will flourish...just have to make it through the next year!
Happy belated Father's Day to all those fathers out there. Boy do I miss my Dad and Father-in-Law, two great men in my life. I am so sorry they aren't here to see the man my son is becoming - they would be so proud. I did talk to my Grandpa yesterday - he's 93 this summer and still lives on his own, fishes every day, plays cards...gotta love it!
Thanks for reading and leaving comments. Whoo Hoo - up to 30 followers! I can't believe that many people want to regularly know what's happening and what I'm stitching, quilting, etc...but then again, I really enjoy reading and seeing what people are until next time - stitch often, stitch happy. Enjoy your days! Sherry :0)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Let's start with the stitching stuff first...that way if you don't want to "listen" to my chatter, you can move on to the next blog you follow...Last evening while I waited up for my son to arrive home from his date (yes, he is officially dating, and has a girlfriend - yikes)...I started this. It's Alpha-Bits by Wild Heart Designs. I have admired it for years, as my bff started it a couple years ago. It's turning out to be a quick stitch, as each section is just a couple inches of speciality stitches under the old, regular cross letters. So far, so fun!

During the holiday weekend, I spent one afternoon watching the thunderstorms, stitched and caught a couple movies. I watched an older movie "Unforgettable" with Ray Liotta...good, but a little bizarre. I started the pumpkin stack and snowman...I guess I was just in the mood to start something new...still must be lingering since I started the first pic last night. Doesn't say much for what I am determined to finish - didn't even pick up my "Red Flower Sampler" - perhaps tonight!
I did add one more drink to this one last weekend too! I have been working on this one off and on for over a year. It's fun and not very difficult, so it's my "go to piece" when I am tired or want some non-thinking stitching.

I also did some quilting last weekend. I don't have any pics yet - still in the block construction phase, not much to show yet. I spent quite a bit of time working on that and some of the little bags I've done (see May 9th post - I haven't figured out how to do the link for that yet). I am doing them for some of my dearest friends this year for their birthdays...I am almost caught up. What a bonding experience this is for me with my sewing machine.

Last weekend was filled with gardening too. I spent time weeding all the flower beds and we planted tomatoes, yellow banana pepper, head lettuce and cukes....although the heavy rain blew apart my cuke plants this week. My peonies bloomed and while I was out taking pictures, the dog joined me - here is our Cody...starting to look a little gray. Peonies are always so pretty and remind me of my Grandma. They definitely are in the top list of my favorites - and this one seems particularly happy where it is planted as it always give me so many blooms.

Have a great week everyone - this will prove to be a very busy one in our household. I have a hair appointment on night, help study for exams with ds until he is finished with his last two Thursday. On Wednesday, my niece is playing in finals in our varsity girls lacrosse - her team won regionals yesterday and it was very exciting. I'm off to make up some posters to hold up at her game, while my ds attends a couple graduation parties. DH is sleeping so he can stay awake at work this evening...then to get a nice case of stitch-a** in my chair since I have all the bills up-to-date, laundry folded (I'll put it away later - think ds has his already in the drawers) and then some more quizzing on Brit Lit tonight....thanks for following my blog...the past three months of this have been fun and boy, I so see the progress I make (or not) with taking pics to show you! I appreciate comments, as they let me know you're checking up on me! Stitch lots, stitch happy!