Sunday, March 7, 2010

Short show'n tell on my Works In Progress!!

Well, I have mastered posting, am working on mastering posting pics...although it was easier just now. I am still trying to play with my camera and lighting, so hang in there with me. This posting will be short since I am very anxious to get upstairs to the purple passion room (aka - craft room). I won't be visiting it the next two weekends - more later this week on my big weekends coming up (one fun, one not so much)...But here are a couple things I'm working on. This is Strawberry Fob Forever by Bent Creek...sent it in my suitcase with my mom to FL last month - started it there - this is what I accomplished. I was only there three full days but God forbid I go anywhere without stitching...and I sent the whole kit (above), scissors and all so I didn't have to worry about security (or the xtra $$) at the airport. Thanks Mom, for hauling my stuff (and Jordan's) down and back...This is what I did on it this morning - first needle to thread since last Sunday - talk about withdrawals!! This is a kit from Kindred Spirits - by Sewing Chest Designs (Judy M.) Christmas Pocket - this one I hope you see finished within the next few weeks (months). I changed it a bit - the 2010 was to be split, but I added my initials there instead...and I changed it to the lighter green than the words - wording over one, tree over two....

My Jenny Bean - kind of what pushed me into this blogging - I went onto Terri's (chocolates4breakfast) to check out her Christmas Jenny Bean - and well...the rest is history!
Jenny Bean's Halloween Sampler by Shakespeare's Peddler. Now I have to get the Christmas too!!

It is definitely a WIP - I have a long way to go...

This I want to start for "easy" stitching or what I often think of as "tired stitching" - something I don't have to think about that's for late at night or after a really long day or maybe when I'm with others and talking my face off (no, not me!). It's a kit by Bent Creek that Mary was purging from her stash and I nabbed it up - THANKS MARY!! No wonder I like you so much (or could it be that we think, talk, parent, etc...alike)!

And to answer a question I've had in my comments - I don't do the quilting...I can barley manage the piecing at this point (I don't think I am a novice any longer, but I am for sure still in the beginning stages of learning). I send them out from my local quilt store to a long-arm quilter...I do like quilting even though I didn't think I would, as I don't like to sew clothes (and haven't done that since my 20's)!

Going north to my room - have a great Sunday everyone and THANKS for being my follower and leaving comments - I am having fun learning this! And yes, this was short - those who don't know me will soon learn, talking is a love too - even though I am a super listener too (I think?)...

Sunshine to all,



  1. Beautiful start on the Strawberry Fob Forever! Christmas Jenny Bean is beautiful, I would like to purchase the pattern after seeing Terri's work! Looking forward to see your next progress of your Christmas pocket, It looks great! :)

    Happy stitching and have a nice day, Sherry!

  2. What great pieces you're working on! I think we just might be sisters separated at birth - our tastes are sooo similar!! (That thought of a purple passion room will keep me smiling all week!! I just have a "builder's white room - I've GOTTA do something about that!!) Welcome to blogging - you're off to a GREAT start!! :)

  3. I love all your WIPs! Great way to keep yourself interested in stitching with such a good mix of projects. I love that Jenny Bean especially--I can't wait to start mine!

    Welcome to the blog world!


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