Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Big Reason for this Blog...."oh, stitching" says my son!

So I was really proud I figured out how to do this last night...I called my teenage son to take a look at Terri's blog and then showed him my beginnings. When he saw Terri's he said, "oh, stitching" and then didn't want to go any further - I guess he thought I'd be posting about cars or aquariums, something he's more interested in... hmmm!

I did realize though, I didn't say anything about stitching in my first post and that is, afterall, what this is really about...that and quilting and all the other things I love and enjoy. I will be sure to get some pictures of works in progress soon - I have to figure out how to do that and I'm not so sure. But for now, I will list a couple things I am working on - I am doing "The Christmas Pocket" by Sewing Chest Designs (Judy from Kindred Spirits Sampler Guild), "Lavendula" (Cindy Valentine) and "Jenny Bean Halloween Sampler" by Shakesphere's Peddler, Ellen Chester's "A Needleworker's Sampler Huswif" too. Those are the things I am most excited to work on right many other started projects do I have - WAY too many to list - it would be frightening! I am taking a class on finishing and embellishing soon - more on that later (Camp with Deb's Stitches N Things - my LNS!! but can't wait to see Amy Bruecken and decorate my cupcake!! Boy oh boy, do I have goals (and lofty one's at that) for 2010! Yikes! And that doesn't list the quilting I've gotten myself into...

I promise to figure out the picutre thing soon - I have some stitching to post, some quilts to post.

Smile always,

Sherry :o}


  1. Yeah for all your projects, Sherry! I can't wait to see pictures. All you have to do to post a picture is, when you're typing your blog entry and want to post a picture, click on the "add Image" icon at the top. It will then ask you to choose a file. When you click on that, it should take you to your photo storage site on your computer (I use Kodak easyshare). You double click on the photo to add, then click upload image (unless you want to upload more than 1 at a time) then. you click on add another image and THEN, upload. It's easy. Once they're posted, you can highlight the text, cut and then paste where you want the image to be in your narrative because they always end up at the top of your post and in the reverse order you loaded them in. Does that make sense? If not, we can talk at guild (which I can't wait for)!
    I am going to post tomorrow for my drawing so I'll "introduce" you on my blog, okay!?

    Great job so far, Sherry!

  2. Hi Sherry - another Kindred sister here. Saw on Terri's blog that you've started a blog of your own. How much fun. Looks like Terri gave you good instructions to put pictures up, so will look forward to seeing them! Welcome to blogging land!!

  3. Welcome to blogging Sherry!!! You'll be a pro in no time - it's easy once you get to know your way around!

  4. Welcome to Blogland...I love it!! I have made some wonderful and dear friends...and haven't met one of them in person.. Fun isn't it? We all share a love of fiber and friends. And we are so happy to share!! Looking forward to pics!! Happy Stitching!!

  5. Hi Sherry - welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! You will get it figured out, no worries. You are working on some great projects!

  6. Always nice to see another new blogger! Welcome! You will be an old hand at it before the month is out. Looking forward to pictures!


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