Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Grandma's Wisdom

So I sit at work this week wishing my life away - my Grandma always told me as a teen never to do that - well God bless you, Grandma - but I'm doing it again. I work for a distributor of tools - we have a huge show each year where we bring in over 100 of our vendors and about 10 times as many customers - all in one day. It's a fun Saturday, although it's a long Saturday....at least 12 hours...but the days leading up to it are the killer for me. Normally, I am in the office with a nice mix of behind the desk sitting on my rear, walking, etc. This Thursday and Friday however, I hang signs with a couple other people above booths, on a concrete floor, on a ladder, no desk. Ugh! Mind you, I am not complaining, I am lucky to have a job I like, with people who are (for the most part) easy to work with! It's a small company, I am H.R. and get to do things I really enjoy doing. But I am tired when I get home and don't pick up my stitching or quilting or reading for a few days.

Here is another quilt I have done. This one was called Fractions (and I'm sorry, I can't remember who it's by). It was pretty easy. The hardest part was placing the blocks where you want them without touching a "like" fabric. I love batiks and the back was just as pretty as the front, but I didn't do a back shot before giving it away.
I did it for our youth group leader at our church. Jordan picked all the fabric (except the border) and the pattern. I did the rest - sent it out to be quilted from my local fabric store.
Martha has been son instrumental in the maturing of my son and helped him grow into the person he's becoming. I felt it was the least I could do for her. We have a wonderful new leader for our youth group, but Martha is missed so much! I gotta get to see her (she's only down the road a bit - teaching and living in Detroit). I know my son misses her and she is such an angel! This is Martha and my son, Jordan. We had her over for dessert and gave it to her before her good-bye party at church. The party was attended by so many and we wanted it to be a special moment! The piece in the background was done in the '80's and needs to be replaced. It's on aida and old...but it has many memories in each of the blocks - when I change the color of the room and finish the piece for that spot, it will go elsewhere in the house.
This is the tag we did for Martha's quilt - I had Jordan practice on fabric and then we both wrote a message to our sweet Martha. You can't see it, but there are tears in this tag!
I do have another reason for wishing the long work days away this week - this Sunday is the stitching guild I belong to (Kindred Spirits) when women from all over this part of Michigan (and beyond) and from Ohio gather once a month....there are some terrific pieces and inspiring projects. I connect with very close friends that I don't see often enough. This weekend is our auction. A couple years ago I bid and won (with no thanks to my BFF Mary) a tin. Not just any tin, the top has a little snowman family on it and inside: a needlebook, scissor fob and pin cushion. And not just made by anyone - it's made by a dear friend, Roz....so talented. I know Terri has blogged about her (chocolates4breakfast blog)....And I met Terri at KS too! - she has this fantastic haircut....that's another story - she probably thinks I am totally nuts! Back to my snowman tin story - the auction is this weekend and I hope to not be too wiped out to bid fiercely against all opponents for anything that strikes me as an "I will die without it" item.... So - unless I have a burst of energy to blog again before next week, I will wish you all a great weekend! Hope you spend some time with those who matter most, doing something fun! Thanks for making my first week blogging an exciting one - and wow, how addicting! I am pretty anal - I am slowly following blogs, but I can't do it from current on - no, not me; I go back and read each and every post. My list of "must have, must do" projects is growing by leaps and bounds (I am sure my husband will be glad of that - as he can't believe all the things I have in the purple passion room...aka my craft room...now)! Going to park my behind in a chair and stitch for an hour, then off to bed!
Love lots,


  1. What a lovey quilt for Martha, I am sure she loves it. I hope you have fun on the Sunday with the KS and behave at the auction as it sounds like it will be a fun place to be. Don't forget the pictures when you post about it.
    BE always in stitches.

  2. What a wonderful quilt and a great pic of your DS and Martha. Get your paddle ready, your hair coifed and your competitive edge sharpened - I'm coming prepared to be fearless, too! Can't wait!!!

  3. Sherry - I still haven't read through your blog yet, but I will. But on the drive home from the auction today I remembered the name of the quilt shop. It's called Main Street Cotton Shop in Minnesota. They have a lot of Thimbleberries fabrics and kits. Be prepared to drop some bucks there!!!

  4. Oh what fun, a new blog! And you know Deb and Terri! I love what I'm seeing of your work -- beautiful quilts and stitching both! Terri mentioned your blog and I had to wander over. :D Looking forward to seeing more!


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