Sunday, April 29, 2012

I am still here - thanks for hanging in there - waiting.

What a mess...what a long time since I have been able to sit in my sewing studio:  uninterrupted, guilt-free, stress-free...some of you know what I'm saying.  The piles on the left of the table - that's for a quilt - my first quilt class ever.  A couple years ago I took a class from my friend, Tina.  It's called Nancy's Fancy.  I love it, still, but need to carve out some time to do this! 
This pile to the right - actually two piles, finished   --    just not finish/finished.  And the bagin the back - it's my son's quilt all kitted up and ready to go.  This past fall, bought the flannel to supplement some I had in my stash and hit a good sale for the backing. 
 It's finished - adding to the basket of finished items awaiting a finish-finish (not shown on the table shot above - it is actually under the table and full) Wild Lilies by BBD.  This was a fun, fast and pretty easy stitch and the colors - too awesome for words.  Didn't change a thing - something I find hard not to do.
 Yes, I opened it before showing you all, I ordered a couple items from The Attic.  Always a pleasure to get a package from them...pretty tissue, nicely wrapped just like a little 'ole present - for me!  What was in the tissue?  A freebie, the one with the strawberries, below (center) by Needlework Press Summer.  I also picked up I Wait for the Lord by Hands To Work.  I have the fabric picked out for that one but need to tea or coffee dye it and then settle on fibers.  The Summer freebie fabric and a couple of choices for the silk are gathered...can't wait to start.  Maybe tonight?
 The newest issue of Sampler & Antique Needlework  hit my mailbox - always a welcome sight!  And I picked up the newest Loose Feather Mary Ann Blackburn from Blackbird Designs.  What's under the strawberries, you may be wondering - well, you are going to have to wait.  It's a Christmas gift I had ordered and need to start soon - maybe tonight?
Bent Creek's Snowmen - Photobooth sits in my basket near my chair.  I pulled it out to work on something quick the other night after my BBD finish.  I haven't done much on this one but the second snowbuddy was stitched a scarf and a nose...maybe some snow tonight?

 I continue to  plug away at Elizabeth Mary Gandey and have finally started on the church.  I absolutely love the trees along the steps up to the church.  
The carnations are awesome - the border is beautiful.  I am so in love with this sampler.  The colors, the fabric, the pace, everything.  So in love, so in love.  This is one I will be sad to have finished - but glad to have finished.  La-D-Da's Mary Cottam; although I am not putting in her name, obviously, as I put my name in instead.  I have to figure out what to put to the right and left of my name. 

I have had several people ask, sending me emails and whatnot - my mom is recovering well.  She came home Easter weekend and she is slowly building up her stamina.  She was able to move to the soft collar from the neck surgery last week and is able to now drive.   She is working on following up on the heart and lung issues.  Lots of work and care to go, but she is getting better.

I am gaining back some of what I lost while helping mom.  It will be one year from my surgery tomorrow.  What a long way I have come, what a gift it is to be well, to walk, to have recovered as far as I have.   I have a bit further to go, but the doctors indicated it could be up to 18 months before I was as good as it will get.

I have been reading up a storm.  I have read Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Game series - awesome,all three!  Also quite good Heaven is Real by Todd Burpo.  Rhonda Janzen's Mennonite In A Little Black Dress a quick, fun readI also read a series by Marie Bostwick:  A Thread of Truth, A Single Thread, A Thread So Thin and  Threading the Needle.  The next one has come out this week - on request from the library.  All quite good; I recommend any and all of them.

Well, if I want to stitch, I better get to it.  I had a couple of "maybe tonights" above and need to get cracking.  Hi to my new followers, hello to the rest!  I appreciate seeing you there, reading your blogs.  I finally caught up on that this morning...sure was a nice way to start my Sunday!  What a wonderful group we are, us stitchers.

Stitch lots, needle to what makes you happy!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter, Happy Passover - Mom Update!!

Happy Easter, for those who celebrate Easter. Hope you find lots of chocolate filled eggs!! Happy Passover for those blogging buddies who celebrate Passover.

Mom is home - she is weak, but we are so glad to have her out of the hospital. Now it's on to specialist appointments and follow-up care.

I have done just a bit of stitching and will post progress pictures soon. I have done quite a bit of reading - have some good books to recommend. I will try to get my thoughts and notes of authors, titles, stitching pic in sunlight together and post soon.

Stitch and do something fun - hugs,

Sherry :0)