Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weird, Busy, Restoration, Prayers...

Weird weather - Michigan usually is pretty cold, we rarely have no snow before and during the holidays; it's usually frosty, white, cold. It was in the 50's some days...we had rain, we had people running around in shorts, we had a weird December. January started the same way...then we got the bitter cold I like, not the damp high 20's, low 30's. I was in Heaven, I loved this past Thursday when it was sunny, really bright. I walked out of work and the cold took my breath away. We got about 1.5 inches of snow Thursday. Friday it snowed more, glazed over roads (that part I don't like). It was cold yesterday. The really weird - it was in the mid-20's today but the weather people are saying may be 50* tomorrow. Weird, just plain weird.

Busy...the next word. I have worked a couple of busy weeks. This time of year is always busy for me; wrapping up the year, printing W-2's, shuffling files from years past to make room for the new year. Busy at home - putting away the Christmas decorations and holiday festivity "left arounds", getting our household tax info ready for our appointment. Busy organizing all the piles that end up in the sewing studio during Christmas.

Restoration...I have stitched a bit though, had my "fix" to restore my sanity. Relaxed to restore my ability to shut down the mind at night and sleep...restore my peace and balancing my soul. I have realized through the past year that we all have something, something that restores us to what we need to be, how we need to be. We all need some thing. Isn't it amazing how things as simple as thread, a needle and some linen can bring that peace of mind, peace of heart? Books do the same thing for me, on a different level. Lately I have turned to the fibers instead of the books...have to find one in my pile that captures my attention.

So what have I been stitching to restore peace and balance? It's the Birds of a Feather Mystery Sampler from With Thy Needle & Thread. I am doing it in silks and love the process - I haven't done tons with silks in the past. The border is done. The letters are supposed to be in the color of the two border rows and I really think it may be too light for my taste, especially when it hangs on the wall. I am trying Belle Soie "Angel Blush" and have the "Y" in...I will put in a couple more letters tonight and decide. It's almost done.

Sorry for that shadow in the right c0rner.

This awesome flower is why I just had, HAD to do this sampler.

Isn't it beautiful? I saw a version substituting the blue bird with a cardinal (somewhere on blogs this summer - sorry, I can't remember where and the note is upstairs in the sewing studio). I have thought of putting in cardinals but am not sure - perhaps I need this touch of blue. Maybe once the letters are in, I will make up my mind. I also have to get another skein of the green for the leaves - only a dozen left and I am out. I am hoping if the dye lot is different, it won't be too different and as they are not right next to one another, it should be fine.

Been working on BBD Wild Lilies when I need something with a little "easier" stitch to see...this is on 32 count versus the 40 0n the couple samplers I have going. Aren't these colors just absolutely stunning?! Didn't change a thing and am doing it just as it is on the pattern.

And finally, I loved the "Merry Be" pin cushion and finishing style so much that I had to have "Creepy Pin Cushion" by Shepherd's Bush. This was one of my finishes late in to finish-finish.

A completely finished project will have to wait just a bit more time...back to that "busy" word. Busy, sometimes a bad, four letter word in this house.

I also have to ask for thoughts and prayers for my husband's Aunt. In May, she has lost her sister (my mil). This was while I was in the hospital for over five weeks and Aunt M had surgery for her second bought with breast cancer. Then two weeks ago, her brother's wife (another Aunt - her sister-in-law). This last week, her own husband passed away; he's been sick with Alzheimer's for years but even that doesn't make it any easier. It's been a tough year. She's a strong woman, but that is really quite a bit. Keep her (and us) in your prayers please. I have always had faith, but this past year has taught me that prayers can be a powerful source of peace, for the prayer and prayee...yes, I can make up words - it comes from work - employer/employee...

Have a great week...thanks for stopping by my bit of the blog. Hi to the new readers, hi to the return readers. I appreciate all your comments and appreciate you checking in with what is happening in my world. Funny, it's such a fun world even though we have not yet met all those followers.

Hugs and stitches,

Sherry :o)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

First Finish, Traveling Pattern (2nd finish) and the Holidays!

The New Year's weekend brought a finish. I had started this and finished it in about six weeks. It's finish-finished as it came with the tuck away pillow. You know, I am not sure who did the design either...sorry as I should have written it down! It's one that came from my friend Mary - she wasn't going to finish it and I knew I would. I have a bench I change up seasonal pillows frequently throughout the year - it's going to be a cute, small addition next autumn. Thanks Mary, for not wishing to do this one!Hung out at my Mom's on Christmas Eve with my sisters, their families. It was loud, fun and festive. Afterward, my son and I went to midnight mass which is always very, very moving for me.

Christmas day at my house is extremely laid back. With a teenager in the house, we are not up at the crack of way-early! We just kind of hang out after opening gifts, eat some yummy breakfast, a really yummy dinner and then just lay around some more for the evening. Even Cody just lays around!

Santa brought tshirts for both of the guys in the house...John loves this show - I think it's called Benny Spies - it's a hunting show. He was pretty surprised.

And the son loves this one!
Remember this:

It's the traveling pattern arranged through Jennifer of Confessions of a Serial Starter to many of us all over the place, connected by blogworld. I was after Nataly and have the pleasure of sending it to Edgar tomorrow. Click all three of their names to see their blog - Jennifer's shows where the pattern has been, how we all interpret the pattern with colors and such.

Here are a couple shots of the whole thing. It's A B C D by La-D-Da.

This is up close of the border and the variegation of the fiber I used. It's done on 36 count LSL Vintage Tarnished Silver linen with faded memories fiber by The Thread Gatherer.

I did a double row of upright cross stitches instead of the called for cross stitch. I wanted to do a herringbone stitch but decided I didn't really like the way the vertical row looked.

Sorry for the shadow. We finally had a couple days of sun here in Michigan and I tried to capture, but it was spotty at best. My second finish of time to put in framing pile.

So as far as other things - work is work, family is getting back to routines after holidays and vacations. Time for me to stitch a bit tonight so I will wrap it up.

May your 2012 be full of good health, lots of stitching time and much happiness!

Stitch happy :0)