Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This and That

Good Sunday morning to you all! (or good whatever time you check in). So first and foremost - wow 41 followers...thanks to all my old faithful (since March) followers and a huge welcome to my new followers! Thanks for stopping by. I read all my comments and check out your blog (if you have one)...it's fun, these computer generated friendships. Thanks to everyone who leaves comments too - I love hearing from you. The date on the top of this is wrong and I don't know how to fix it. I had typed a note in the posting area so I would remember something and then when I posted today, I just went into edit - this is minor and I have to work on the issues I have with this need to be absolutely correct (see further down about the threads I am off)! I'm working on it.

Whew - August 1st - this month will be whirlwind fast, as always. The only good thing about the downhill slide of summer is the loss of humidity and heat! I love reading about the lack of heat/humidity on other blogs...I guess you don't think about weather in other parts of the country/world (unless it's on the news) when you are quite the homebody and don't travel too far from home very often. Now don't get me wrong, I love to travel, but time, work, money all limit that!

I did have a comment from Diane from last post in which she mentioned the memory from her childhood of picking tomatoes and eating them fresh from the garden with muddy hands. Thanks for bringing back the memory, Diane, we picked tons of things from my Grandma's huge garden, especially the carrots. We'd run over to the garden hand pump, give it a quick and not so thorough rinse off and crunch away right up to the greens...then we would toss those those at the chickens. Gosh, I miss my Grandma's garden, the watermelon in the tin wash tub with ice and sodas (dr. pepper) and all her awesome cooking - fried chicken, okra, green beans, fresh corn on the cob, pies and on and on with the food - riding on the tractor with Grandpa and just fun with cousins galore!

I also need to say thanks to the suggestions on how others finish with walnut shells. I have some things waiting for filling (fobs, cushions, etc). They are patiently waiting by the sewing machine - maybe today I will get to them as I plan on heading up to visit with my sewing machine shortly - only a couple chores to do this morning first - unload the dishwasher (which I forgot to turn on last night and is still running) and about four loads of laundry from yesterday to fold. Oh yeah, and what to have for dinner tonight...but then - sewing!

I worked on this piece Monday while stitching with my friends - a great time as always!!

I plan on working this up with a little walnut shells for a fob - or maybe just a little sweet pillow. Or maybe I will finish it like Vonna did in her 7/25 post - gotta check out her tutorial it looks pretty do-able... then hang during the fall in my house or at work!

I didn't do a whole lot of stitching this week other than Monday...DH is working doubles so I have had to cook dinner when I get home from work - I know, whine -whine! But usually with his normal work schedule, dinner is in progress when I walk in the door and both of us, along with DS when he doesn't have to run right out, clean up so that takes less time too. So by the time that's all done, I have just kind of vegged - reading the paper, checking emails and to bed. But I did work on this too - it's "Alpha-Bits" and seems to have the illusion of going fast because I can do one whole letter (and the speciality stitch row under the letter) per night most of the time. But drat - last night I realized I was four threads off since the very beginning - the band should have gone four threads more...I don't think it's going to matter and it would require some serious ripping out and restitching...shhh, don't tell anyone!

Enjoy your Sunday, spend some time doing what makes you happy! Have a good week and hopefully next week I will have some finish/finishes to show you - unless I just decide to work on my DH's quilt.

Stitch happy,


  1. Great stitching! I love the Autumn design and look forward to cooler temp here in the northeast.

  2. I love both your pieces. Definitely don't bother with ripping on the Alphabits. I'm sure it's fine as is. I'm so looking forward to cooler temps. We're having a cooler spell at the moment. I wish it would last.

  3. Love the autumn piece (my favorite time of year)! I wouldn't bother frogging the Alphabits either since they look fine the way they are.


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