Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stuff...and more stuff...

Boy oh boy, it's been hot here - not only hot, but humid. Hate those "H" words! DH and I went to the Ann Arbor Art Fair this Friday. We walked around looking at all the cool art, did some people watching, had bottles of water, frozen lemonade and sought out any area there was a breeze (and not many to find). We then went to a restaurant which was recommended by a couple different people and though lunch was okay, not impressive and not nearly as good as our favorite Mexican place in Fenton. It was a nice morning, though. We decided to get out of dodge - and timing is everything - we were driving home when the storm hit - hard rain... DH took a nap (as he hadn't slept after arriving home from work about 7:30 a.m. I laid around a bit in the afternoon, watching old reruns and finishing my book...then we went to the movies. Inception was the movie of choice, it was a long one, but really good. I love movies that make you think, make you turn things over and over in your mind. I definitely would recommend it. It was an expensive date day, I must say, and put a bit of a dent in the weekly budget, but since we hardly ever do things like that, it was worth it.

So what likes the heat and humidity? My tomato plants (pictured below). I can't wait to have fresh picked tomatoes for my BLT - we bought some tomatoes at farmer's market last weekend and they were delicious, but nothing beats picking, slicing and eating within the same few minutes! Yesterday at farmers market, we bought some corn on the cob, tomatoes and green onions - locally grown and ready to eat...I tried a new recipe - mixed all together into kind of a room temp salad (you cut the corn off the cob, saute it with butter and the white of the green onions) and then mix that with the green part of the onion, tomatoes (which have marinated in a little vinegar and olive oil) add some salt and pepper - definitely making that one again! YUM!!

What have I been doing lately in the textile area? Well, last weekend I finished up some gadget bags which I will give away tomorrow. I have one more snap/button to sew and then they can be wrapped. Here they are:

The other is my Christmas Pocket progress - I showed this awhile ago and have just picked it back up. I didn't have the tree base done before, the sawtooth border is further down and the verse box is new - yes, I know the A is upside down - it's folded when finished so it needs to be stitched upside down - it's over one...have to have eyes not so tired to work on this...and I finally found a replacement silk color for the one that came with it - I wanted something darker, richer and not as bright. So now back up to finish the tree and add the poinsettias.

I will be working on it today, tonight and tomorrow - not going to work a whole day tomorrow, going to stitch with my friends! I can't wait to see all of them, it's always such a fun, relaxing day and I have birthday presents to deliver (see above)! Although they are all proficient sewers, I will give them my attempt to be a good sewer. Practice makes perfect (or close to it) right?!

So do any of you use walnut shells for inside of scissor fobs or pin cushions? What do you use for a lining to keep them from being against the linen? Do you find the looks you received funny when you ask if they have a smaller than 7# bag [at the pet store]? I need some guidance in how use them as stuffing - I have used fiberfil but it's not heavy enough and the crushed walnut shells are perfect.

A couple weeks ago I received this really cool RAK - Jennifer sent me a flower frog - yesterday DH and I visited the local Salvation Army and I picked up a cool dish for under it - now to get those fobs done (hence, the walnut shells) as they are stitched and just need to be finished/finished. Isn't it sweet?!!

So I've been trying to figure out why I have decided to blog and love reading the blogs of others - I think I figured it out...I was reading one the other day where someone had commented that they didn't like that particular person's blog lately as they had strayed away from the quilting and added too many personal tidbits. I commented to her (as did many) that it was her blog; if someone wants to read just about one subject, to find blogs they like (duh, why would you waster your time reading something you didn't have to or want to)? I think it's kind of like a diary - and maybe we get to peek, invited, into what's going on in another's life. I have always been a little curious (aka nosey) - so this is right up my alley (another reason I do so well in Human Resources too - and as a court report transcriptionist before that).
Okay, soapbox is put away...Um yeah, up to 38 followers, this is my 25th post and been blogging almost 6 months...boy does time fly! Thanks for visiting with me today!

So I guess with that and all the other rambling, it's time for me to stitch (after I finish the laundry waiting in the washer and dryer). Then in a couple hours, to prepare Reuben sandwiches for us and DS's girlfriend before they go to the summer concert downtown...have a great week everyone - stay cool (if you're in the hot part of the world) and stitch happy!


  1. Happy to say I've just found your blog...what fun! And just why would anyone leave a negative comment on a blog...that is a waste of time!!

    I line my stitching with muslin or appropriate color of cotton and add a little fiberfill, then walnut shells and finish with a little more fiberfill. I find it easier to close a piece around ff rather than walnut shells.

    Enjoy your stitching and stay cool.

  2. I've never had pickled tomatoes before. Interesting! Love those bags you've made and your WIP as well. I totally agree on the blog thing. I love finding out about people, and I do tend to think of mine as a bit of a diary as well as for stitching. (I'll tell my DH and daughter that you liked Inception. I think they're both curious about it.)

  3. You're making me hungry! My dad had a garden when we were growing up, and, you're right, there's nothing better than fresh tomatoes right off the vine! We used to pick 'em, rub 'em against our shorts to knock off any dirt, and eat 'em warm from the sun with our hands filthy from playing in the woods. LOL

    And Reubens! Hold the dressing and add mustard, please. YUMMMMMM!

  4. Sherry, FIRST of all, I love reading and visiting your blog!! And you are right, much like a personal diary, if one doesn't enjoy visiting and reading, then that is just the way of the world. I will be here, though, cuz you are a sweetheart!!

    Yes, it is hot and humid and I am so tired of it..I am a walker and so look forward to walking at least two miles every evening. I am forced these days to wait until after 9 pm, to not completely melt though. Looking forward so much to the coolness of Autumn!!

    Lovely gifts you are working on and enjoy those tomatoes, I have some too! Oh and I have had nothing but good things about Inception! Glad you enjoyed your date!

  5. It sounds like you & your DH had a really wonderful day together. Those are just the greatest days, aren't they? We saw Inception also... it was sooo good, wasn't it? I'm like you. I love movies that make ya think... I'm still mulling the ending. And still can't make up my mind about it, lol!

    Love the goodies bags. :) I'm sure your recipients will love them.

    As far as that negative commenter... whaaaat?? 1) Why waste your time leaving a negative comment?
    2) People can write about what they want (if I didn't include personal anecdotes, I'd never have anything to post about, given the rate at which I stitch!)
    3) If you don't like it, don't read it (not you... the mean commenter)! Sheesh!

    Anyway, keep doing what you're doing gf. You're doing great!

  6. Sounds like you had a great day out & I like the sound of that salad.

    Your bags & the Christmas pocket look lovely

  7. Love reading your blog.your scissor frog looks great,I use iron on interfacing or muslin when I use crushed walnut .

  8. Hello Sherry...found your comment at Stash Manicure and followed you love love your blog...When I was reading about "frog" thingies I didn't understand your use for I get it...great idea. I have quite a pair of special scissors..Now I will have to look for one too..thanks for the suggestion. blessings...a new follower. madame samm


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