Monday, July 5, 2010

Lots of Stuff...

Boy did I have a productive couple days but they were also relaxing...Thursday my m-i-l and s-i-l arrived from Minnesota. Our dining room table is an antique from my hubby's family. It is an awesome table - the kind with 5 pedestals - many, many leafs. My m-i-l was at a moving sale and found this crochet table cloth which fits the table when square and also with one leaf. It has a couple spots, but is really well done! So this first pic is a close-up of her $1 find! What a great gift...Then there was the trip to the Mexican restaurant we love to visit...we knew my s-i-l would love it and the burger m-i-l ordered was fabulous (we didn't know what the American food was like). Want to know the best part of eating out there? It's by my LNS and the second pic is my stash "acquirments" (I know, it's a made up word) of the weekend. The scissors are for the fob I made and stitch/finished a month or so ago...I will have to finish/finish it now that my pink scissors are in!

I did some stitching while trying to stay cool - boy did the weather turn Saturday - we had been fortunate enough for a couple days to have the windows open all day, mildly warm in the late afternoon to early evening - cool and great sleeping at night. But then BAM - almost 100* today and much humidity. I hate hot and humid, and long for snow when this happens. So, it was fitting I finished this project. It has been my go-to for many months.

It's easy, straight cross-stitch and has been a "fun" stitch. I did the glass "markers" with beads and small charms...I just had to show you a close-up of the margarita glass, the salt rim was done with Rainbow Gallery's "Fuzzy Stuff" and it really is cute. Now all I have to do is finish/finish it into a pillow - let's see if I can get that done within the next year....

Then I also stitch finished this fob, even made my cord. Now to finish/finish it too...whew!

I also had a big finish goal (for 2010) finished...ta-da! Finished stitching The Red Flower Sampler by Eileen Bennett. This one was started about five years ago and I put it away or got sidetracked, who knows, then I revisited it this spring and have worked on it faithfully. And it's done...I also showed a pic of the flower centers since I posted my dilemma a posting or two ago and had some great ideas commented to me! Knots in the outside two centers, satin stitch in the middle flower. Now to the framer for a finish/finish. I love this one and know just where it is to hang once framed.

I also spent some time with my sewing machine. I bought some ticking type fabric and remade a pillow (my favorite pillow sprung a feather leak a few weeks ago), I did two other pillows for a bench in my family room - they aren't quite done, but close. I'll post a pic hopefully next post!

We picked up the house and did laundry when my in-laws left this morning. It was a nice visit, played a dice game "farkle", ate lots of yummy meals, watched old movies and I son had a nice weekend with his friends and girlfriend too, before starting summer school this week. My DH is off all week and working around the house - staining the deck, trimming trees, cleaning up the storage room in the basement and hopefully getting some fun in (I am off most of the week, but must return to work tomorrow to get payroll done - in one day I hope). Maybe going to Frankenmuth or antiquing or a movie. My friends are all getting together for an overnight at the end of the week and I'd love to do that too, but I don' t know what DH will have planned and how that will involve me. Hope to get in a little reading too! DS will be in school three days and hopefully be working hard at night so that he can have some fun on the weekends.

I welcome my new followers and thanks to all who leave comments. I can't believe I have now been blogging for more than three months...and I feel as though I know so many more people who share my passion for stitching, sewing, reading...this is fun. I have to say, there are a couple "thrills" in blogging - seeing new followers and comments to my posting and then there's the times I have been reading along on someone's blog and see my blog listed in their sidebar. I can't help but think that must be, on a small scale, how people who write songs, books, etc. feel when they see they are published. Neato! (isn't that a fun word)!

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!! And Happy Canada Day to my followers from O Canada! Have a great week all!

Stitch lots!!



  1. You have been a busy girl and man, that drink stitching is perfect for right now - what happened to our perfect Michigan summer weather. Blech! The Red Flower Sampler is gorgeous - huge congrats to you! Be sure to bring it to Guild, okay?
    The tablecloth is beautiful and what a great find!
    Your scissor fobs are darling - can't wait to see them all done.
    Enjoy the week off with your DH. We haven't been to Frankenmuth in a long time - need to go soon.


  2. That crochet tablecloth is gorgeous! Love your stash too. And congrats on all your finishes -- especially the Red Flower Sampler! How beautiful! Can't wait to see it framed!

  3. That crocheted tablecloth is awesome. I have a real weakness for things like that. All your stitching looks wonderful and congrats on your finishes! And yeah, what's up with this nasty weather! Hot to be sure - and wouldn't you know it - the A/C decided to go belly up! Not good after buying all those appliances!

    Probably won't be at Guild this weekend, but don't know for sure yet.

  4. Congratulations on your finishes! Love the finds and stash enhancements! YGG!

  5. What fabulous cross stitch! You do beautiful work.

  6. Congratulations on your finishes. The Red Flower Sampler is gorgeous and the others are lovely.


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