Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gotta Love VACATION!!

So it's about the hottest day of the year - what did DH and I do on this vacation day? Well, stained the deck, of course. DH is off the entire week, I only worked yesterday...getting some things done around home - today was the deck staining and taking my car in for service (groan). We did go to the Salvation Army so I could check again for a flower frog - no luck...maybe I will win the one on Deb's blog ( pick me!! We also stopped by the quilt shop in the next town and picked up my BOM for the civil war quilt I have yet to start. It has the fabrics from my banner - yum! Digressing to Deb's blog - check out her story about the RAK with Kim - very funny that she returned your note and box, Deb. I had read about the salt shaker this weekend, which is cute, by the way.

Tomorrow DH and I hope to hit a couple garage sales (searching for that elusive frog), then it's cleaning the storage room in the basement - at least that will be cooler than the deck is today.

I stitched a bit last night, gonna stitch again in a few minutes - no pics yet. I am working on a Christmas gift and she may or may not read my blog.

DS started summer school today, so we will be staying around here for the entire week off. Maybe DH and I will catch a movie, don't know what we will do on Saturday - with this weather, it's not gonna be outside for long, then Kindred Spirits Sampler Guild Sunday.

Stay cool!


  1. What type of glass frog are you looking for? A small one or a large one? Or are you like me......any frog will do!?! I will be estate sale shopping again this weekend and I will be happy to look out for an extra one for you. Too bad I didn't know this last weekend. Hubby and I found four and I only bought two of them.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog :) I am headed back home to Cleveland ohio in a few weeks into the heat. I am missing it but probably will be regetting that I said that when I get there LOL.

    Stay cool in that heat. Sometimes doing nothing on a vacation is the best thing.

  3. Good luck on finding a frog and I will also keep an eye out for you. Enjoy the week with your DH. See you Sunday (I think).

  4. Good luck finding an elusive frog! :)

  5. Sherry.......please email me with your snail mail address! I have a great lead on a small frog!


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