Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ahhh Sunday - but Sunday means Monday...

The title says it all - I love Sunday...but Sunday at the end of a vacation means work returns tomorrow. How come the days go so fast when you're on vacation. As I said in my previous post, it was a working vacation. Friday DH put new brakes on the truck - having old vehicles (all 3 over 10 years old) is not always a the best - only in terms of payments, but not repairs. Luckily DH is talented and knowledgeable when it comes to repairs most of the time. My car is still in the shop and hopefully will have a new rear-end on Monday. That repair is the second we've done on this car and because it only had a little over 50,000 miles on the last rear-end the shop put on, they knocked quite a bit of the labor costs off. Again, thank goodness DH knows what should and shouldn't be with cars.

Did go to the Salvation Army and found a couple crystal items...I'm going to use the pitcher for pens, pencils, rulers in my studio. The other two, nice additions for my curio cabinet...

Yesterday we had a slight break in the humidity; so after my son's girlfriend got off work, we headed to my mom's to take a cruise on her pontoon; she lives on a chain of about six lakes. We did some swimming and took our very warm dog, Cody swimming - he loves the water and is still sleeping from all the excitement mid-Sunday morning. We also had Subway for dinner on the boat, mom baked some cookies for dessert. It was wonderful to let Cody soak off some of the extra hair he's carrying and all of us cooled off a bit.

Not much on the stitching front I can blog about - I am working on a Christmas present for my exchange (with a group of talented, amazing friends).

Went to our local farmer's market yesterday morning with my DH. Saw some beautiful sour pie, made this. I haven't had a homemade cherry pie for many, many years. After boating yesterday, had a slice with some vanilla bean ice cream and if I do say so myself, delicious!!

I also finished these two pillows - so which ties do you like on top? I love the way switching them makes the pillows look entirely different but I can't decide. I cut these out last fall and they were buried underneath some other projects. In my cleaning of the studio Friday, dug them out and spent oh, I don' t know, less than one hour to prepare them for stuffing, then another half-hour to slip stitch after stuffing and then whaalah - on the bench in the family the batiks!

Have a marvelous Sunday - I'm off to get ready for my Kindred Spirits meeting, then hope to stitch this evening.


  1. Hey Sherry - lot of wonderful things in this post. I love the pillows you made. You and my girlfriend should get together - she loves batiks also. But your pillows are adorable. That cherry pie looks wonderful (which reminds me that I should make one because those are my husband's favorite). Wonderful thrift shop finds too! You just never know what you're going to find there.

    Won't be at Guild this month or next, so I'll just have to catch up with you through your blog!

  2. I hear you on the car thing. Both our cars were over ten years old too until my DH totalled one and we finally had to get a new one. Mine is still an oldie though, and the repair costs are awful. And my DH is clueless about cars, so no luck there. lol! Sounds like fun at the lake and all. That cherry pie looks sooooooo good! And your pillows do too! I love love love batik fabrics!! I like them tied both ways, but I must say somehow having the yellow ties on the yellow/maroony one appeals more somehow. Have fun at your meeting! Sorry about back to work. :(

  3. Man, I have missed a lot of your posts! I've been away from blogland a lot lately. Looks like you're having a great summer. :) Great progress on your charts, and those pillows sure are cute! The cherry pie looks delish!!

    Have a great week!

  4. Your pillows are lovely and the pie looks yummy


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