Saturday, July 28, 2012


I am an Olympic junkie...I am addicted.  I have been that way since forever.  My Dad was the same and I miss him terribly when the Olympics come around - winter, summer - love them both and there isn't many events I don't watch.  I love the back stories of not just the U.S.A. competitors, but of them all.  I miss talking to my Dad about this and baseball (Detroit Tigers, of course) and it doesn't seem to be any less painful to miss it as the years go by!

I was going to post last night, prior to the Olympics opening ceremony - but time got away from me.  Had to grocery shop, after all, so I could watch as much as possible today. 

Here is my "Olympic" piece....I will work on it most during these games.  Thought I'd show you where I am now so we can compare on August 18th when it's all over - and I am going through withdrawal!  Blogs sure are great for truly seeing your progress!
 This is I Wait For The Lord by Hands To Work.  It's all one color so I thought that would be best when I am doing my distracted stitching.  That's not a bug on the left - just a knot, thread waiting to be buried.

Close up - the capital letters are over one.  I am doing the rice stitch for the line under the carnation looking flowers , instead of four stitches per square area. 
It's beautiful today - a wee bit muggy, but tolerable.  My husband and I went to farmer's market this morning to pick up some Michigan grown corn and tomatoes (I still don't have many ripe ones and want a salad (below) and a BLT this week).  Tonight my son is going to be home for dinner - a rarity now that he works afternoons...we are making grilled (over charcoal, no less) turkey breast, potato salad - I made while watching men's archery, a tomato/corn/green onion salad, cukes in vinegar with onions,  finished up with green beans.  The sun tea is almost the right color to put in to be chilled.  YUM!!

Downside of farmer's market - saw the sweetest black lab puppy (about one year old) at the last chance rescue booth.  We already have a chocolate lab  - why are we even considering this sweet girl - took an information card.  But oh my,  she is sweet!  I must be nuts!

I hope to stitch with my bestest pals this week, if I can sneak away for the afternoon.  They are getting together for the day but I won't be able to swing a whole day.  I am doing an all day sew in another week and still don't have a bank of "paid time off" hours to cash in.

Well - swimming is to check out what's on the other four or five channels to pick what to watch since I plan on picking up my needle for a bit.

Stitch lots and do something that makes you smile - is it the Olympics?  Can you pick a favorite event - I sure can't...

Sherry :0)


  1. Very nice Olympics piece! I like the colors. I think you need another lab -- don't you want to have a puppy in your life? :D I bet she's a sweetheart!

  2. Love the red piece you're working on Sherry! I love watching the Olympics, too and will be stitching away as I do! Have a great week ahead. See you in August!

  3. Love your Olympic piece!
    We recently took our third dog, a puppy that was on his last time, i figured what is 4 more paws....a puppy is a lot of work but he is so cute and turning out to be a doll. Our other dogs are 12 and 15. thanks for being there for our furbabies
    Judy in Kansas

  4. Very nice choice to work on during the Olympics. I love red, and alphabets, so of course I'd love your project. I'm sure your current dog would love a new playfriend!


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