Friday, August 17, 2012

Olympic Withdrawal!

I don't know about you, but I sure miss the Olympics for a bit once they are over...I kind of go through a withdrawal even though I spent two weeks in a blur from lack of sleep and tried to cram in as much viewing as I could.  I even become a channel surfer or flipper (which bugs me normally - I have two guys in my house who flip all the time) and go from Olympic channel to Olympic channel.

This is how my Olympic piece looked after closing ceremonies...I really kicked butt on this one. I decided to work on this mainly because it was one color fiber - allowing more attention to the t.v. I think most stitchers are listeners not watchers; but when the Olympics are on (summer or winter) I am a watcher with a capital W! My tension on some of the rows seems a bit more tight than others. Hmmm, wonder if that is a result of the swimming?  The gymnastics or the boxing?  Perhaps it was the track & field - you get the picture - ALL of it! I am pleased with my progress. I don't have much more to go and hope to finish soon and then
find one of those wonderful % off coupons for framing!

As a reminder...this is what it looked like prior to Opening Ceremonies.

I Wait For The Lord by Hands to Work.  The linen is out of my stash, tea-dyed by moi.  WDW Baked Apples.

I did a bit of shopping - Pineberry Lane's Autumn on Marigold Lane.  I ordered it long ago and was very glad to finally receive it with the called for fibers and linen - it's a must stitch soon!  Beautiful.  Sorry for the glare.  I will try to get a better shot next time.  I received my final December fabric of the month too, when this arrived.  It took a long time (December 2011) but is a pretty, kind of silverish color. 

Close up of the meager start on Marigold Lane - Olympics were still on so I was focused on my other piece.  I started this at my Sampler Guild's meeting. 
My baby turned 19 since the last post.  He's almost out of the teens and sometimes I really wonder where the time went.   It was very weird this year; he works afternoons and I work days.  This was the first time I didn't actually see him on his birthday.  I did text him shortly after midnight (time he was born) and wished him a happy birthday, talked to him while I was at work before he left the next afternoon.  We are going out to dinner this weekend to celebrate but I couldn't resist getting him a birthday treat.  Isn't he cute?
 A monster cookie with cool eyebrows.  I teased my husband they looked like his "over 50" rogue eyebrows.  It must have been delicious since it was totally gone the next day.

So now with the Olympics done, the next t.v. adventure started Shark Week!  My niece painted her nails in honor of Shark Week on the Discovery channel.  When my son was little,  we taped most episodes and watched them over and over until the next year.  I still enjoy watching a bit of Shark Week. 
I couldn't capture the fin on her thumb.  There's bubbles in the blue nails.  She's a riot.  I cracked up when I saw them.

Well it's time for me to wrap things up.  I am a tired puppy this Friday night.  I have not been sleeping well with a bit of hip/back pain.   I am not sure what's up with that, but hopefully some rest and relaxation this weekend will be the cure.  Hope you get to spend time doing what you love to do, something that makes you smile!

Until next time,
Sherry :0)


  1. OMG, you got a ton done! I got very little done during the Olympics. I spent more time watching than stitching.
    Happy Bday to your son. The monstr treat was adorable!
    Enjoy shark week'

  2. Your Olympics project looks great! You got so much done! Nice new stash too! Happy birthday to your DS! My DD had her birthday this past week too and we're celebrating today! :D Love that cookie you got your DS. (I didn't get to see my DD on her birthday either since she lives 2 hours away now and works.)

  3. I wait for the Lord is looking gorgeous & nice new start.

    Happy Birthday to your DS


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