Sunday, July 15, 2012

Catching Up

I spent the day catching up on tons of computer out files, cleaning emails and the fun part - catching up with all of you, all my blog buddies.  Great to see what everyone has been working on, finishing and what you've been up to with your summer.

Sooooo what's happened here in the past few weeks...

My cousin got married in Columbus, so we took a road trip in my new car (you can see the front wheel in this pic...LOL).  We went down early on Friday - my boys wanted to eat at Thurman's which was featured on one of their fav t.v. shows...Man v. Food.   Here we were all snazzed up for the wedding. 
 I've shopped a bit - picked up this wonderful bag from one of my favs!  I took a finishing class with Amy a couple years ago and she was so much fun.  I love this bag...the orange is the color of orange sherbet!
 BBD progress - "Wild Garden" ... never mind the q-snaps. 
 Hands to Work "I Wait for the Lord".  This piece has been a headache.  I have been at wits end with what fiber to use.  I finally picked WDW Baked Apple on a piece of the linen I tea died.   Then I wasn't sure if I was going to use two threads or one.  I finally decided on doing the first cross with one thread, then double crossing the second leg for the coverage I desired.  I had to rip out the original color I started with, then I ripped out the double thread, then the single.   Then it was off center!  I did the swirly line wrong too - that came out. 
 Here it is now - I am really, truly hoping the frogs will leave me alone now since this is only about 1/4 done.  In the close-up, I did herringbone under the lower case letters instead of a single cross stitch. 
 I really want my tomatoes to rippen!  I want my hand picked beauties to go with my basil and the mozzarella cheese.  Love me some Caprese Salad!
 In fact, this was the dinner my son and I had tonight....Caprese and broccoli salad!  Yum!
 I treated myself to a pedicure last week - not sure of the purplish.  I usually go with pink or red.  I have been doing this for myself this summer - it's still so hard for me bend for awhile (like to trim and polish) my nails myself. 
 So my husband and son love to play with the dog.  These are Cody's "babies" in his crate.   He was a crate trained puppy and still uses the crate as his haven...The babies are in jail.  He barked and then opened the door, then took them down - showed those silly boys of mine!
I've read too:

The Sisters by Nancy Jensen - good, but sad
Take I Like a Mom by Stephanie Stiles, okay
The Recipe Club by Andrea Israel and Nancy Garfunkel - pretty interesting and some good recipes to try.

Now for fun!  I saw this on Anna's blog...and decided to play.  I've never done this before I don't think, on my blog... Check out her questions/answers here and then join the fun if you wish...I am going to do what Anna are the rules/directions:

Simple as can be - you answer 11 questions asked...tag 11 more bloggers and ask 11 questions of your choice.  However, I am going to let you choose to answer if you want - comment me and I will check it out...

  1. How many cross stitch patterns do you own?  (Insert evil cackle):  Well, way too many to count.  I would say at least 100.
  2. What is your ideal stitching retreat?  Friends, lots of light, someone to carry in my bags (the one of clothes and such and the MANY stitching supplies), chocolate, maybe some wine.  Comfortable beds and chairs, massage at will! 
  3. Have you been or does it only exist in your head?  I have had almost all the above.  Sometimes no on carries in my bags and I have not had the massage at will for my back...other than that, yes and always come home refreshed and with wonderful memories!!
  4. What are your favorite stitching tutorials?  (Link please)  I don't have any, I don't think...I certainly need some for finishing!
  5. What is the smallest count fabric you've ever used?  40 count - I have done over one on 40...but usually over two.  That is the count I work on most frequently.
  6. What's your secret to keeping cool?  (No really, what?  It's going to be 102 tomorrow)  Air conditioning - full blast in the car or at home.  Going to the movies. 
  7. Have you found any cute crafts to use up leftover/unused floss from kits or other floss unsuitable for actual stitching?   No - have you?  I keep bits in with the pattern, especially if it's a pillow or quilt in case something comes out later.
  8. Starting or finishing?  (Not finish-finishing obviously)   Not sure what you are asking, Anna, but I currently have many projects I am working on - not sure how soon a finish will happen.  I am aching to start a couple. 
  9. Favorite DMC color?  So hard to pick a fav...I love all jewel tones!
  10. What other hobbies are undertaken in your household?  (roommate, spouse, children, pets...)  Me - reading, quilting, cooking.  My husband - searching Craig's List and Great Lakes 4x4 for car deals - he buys, fixes up, sells.    My son - he likes to tinker with his car, anything audio related.  He also has fish/turtles in a couple different tanks.  Cody, my 7 year old puppy, see above photo...he naps, plays with his babies in whatever predicament his boys put forth.
  11. Do you ever make those recipes you tear out of magazines and stack in your kitchen?  Yes.  I used to copy everything to recipe cards and then make.  Now I make them, if we like them I put them on a card.  I also write in my cookbooks and on cards whether we all like them and maybe a rating:  good, really good, I really like, husband really likes, etc.    If we don't like, I toss.   I love your idea of sorting and then trying as my ziplock bags, notice the plural, and get cranking on the overwhelming amount I have.  I used to keep the whole magazine - now I rip out!
So here are my questions if you want to play:

  1. Do you stitch/sew in the same spot?  Do you have a "nest"?
  2. How many pairs of scissors do you have?
  3. Do you have holiday or seasonal fobs or other accessories?
  4. Are you a many project stitcher or one at a time?
  5. Do you watch t.v. while stitching, listen to books on tape?
  6. Ideal project - designer, fabric & count, fibers?
  7. If you read, what types of books?
  8. If you stitch reproduction samplers, do you modify and put in your initials, date, etc?
  9. How do you store your projects - bags, cases, boxes, baskets?
  10. Do you do any other crafty or sewing things?
  11. Do you shop at primarily one shop or many?
So be sure to comment and let me know if you choose to play!! 

Whew - such a long post...thanks for hanging in there.  Take time to do what makes you smile!
Sherry :0)


  1. Oh fun! Glad you had fun at your cousin's wedding and got to do some shopping as well. Love the stitchy goodness too. Bummer about the frogs though -- I hate when they show up. You're going to be swimming in tomatoes soon. lol! Fun questions and answers too!

  2. What a fun, newsy post and you look so pretty, too! Your stitching looks great and I hope those daggum frogs will leave you alone for now on. My tomato plants are huge with lots of greenies but no reds yet. I can't wait!!!

  3. I love your choice of Baked Apple on the tea dyed linen, absolutely gorgeous combo. I'm sorry it took so long to come up with just the right "formula" to stitch the project.


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