Thursday, September 8, 2011

Some stitching, some quilting, some stashing...

Well, it's not snowing as much here (although it has cooled down a bit) as it had in weeks past. Now before you start to wonder where I live and why it started snowing so much in Michigan while still summer. So, even though I didn't add as much snow since last post as previously, I did manage to get a bit more stitched; then I moved on to something else that captured my attention. Doesn't it sometimes seem like projects sit in the basket or bag and shout "pick me, pick me - no, pick me"? Kind of like when the ice cream is calling my name - from the shut-tight freezer, in the basement, sometimes when I am full as can be, with not a hunger growl in sight.
Anyway...more progress was made on the BBD Merry Christmas Ella Vaughn modified to "Winter Wonderland Sherry H". I think I actually only filled in a leaf and put in one strand of the snow color since last time. But progress is progress! This will be finish-finished into a pillow to put on a bench I switch up seasonally.

I did make much more significant progress on the Christmas pocket. I was way thrilled and doing a happy, happy dance when the borders matched up. I have just a little bit left to do under the "O Christmas Tree" part. There is another little cover for the needle book which is located inside the Christmas Pocket.

While I am off work, I plan on getting this finished stitched and attempt to finish-finish it. I have read the directions and hope it is easy.

Next I did a little tree climbing. I have finished almost all the leaves on the tree.

This is the Mystery Sampler by With Thy Needle & Thread. I love the little strawberries and have to fill in the grass now. This is a great thing, just like the snow, to work on when watching a movie or when visiting with my friends. I will be doing both this weekend and the beginning of next week. Maybe both snow and grass will be done and all filled in soon!

Did a bit of collecting things for my stash the last couple of weeks. These are things I had purchased, but not photographed yet. This first one is a sampler by Shakespeare's Peddler Elizabeth Mary Gandey. I loved the church on this and can't wait to get started. Picture should be clickable and I will post progress, whether slow or fast, so you can see the church and the soft, delicious colors come to life on this one!

No color picture of Petites Lettres Rouges, but it's a BBD design. It's done with three shades of red....on a light linen.

Doing Santa's Night by Prairie Schooler on black linen with overdyed instead of the called for dmc fibers. I love the finished look, but black is hard to stitch on and I have to be in the right light - mind and with my eyes. LOL!!

I can't decide if I want to use the Crescent Colors "Chili Pepper" (more of orange tone red) or Gentle Arts "Cranberry" (more of a red tone, red). The conversion provided is for the Chili Pepper but I usually lean toward the black cherry, burgundy colors. I figured I would get a bit put in and then decide.

I worked on a Turning Twenty pattern - called Twisted Turning Twenty with beautiful batiks. It called for lights and darks with one stripe being the lights, the other the darks, kind of zig-zagging across the quilt. I did bright colors and purples. This is for my niece - she loves purple.

This was for her Christmas present - Christmas 2010. Audrey knew it would be late as I had it cut out and some pieced before Christmas, but not completely done. Then I got sick, then I had surgery, then I had rehab...then I got sewing! I finished it last weekend and got the backing prepared, the batting bought. Dropped it off to be quilted today, shouldn't be too long and I can bind it off and get it to her.

Thought I was going back to work next week but my boss decided he wanted me to come back when I was able to work 8 hours per day, full week instead of the 4 hours per day the doctor had released me to work as of next week. So I guess I will continue my disability routine - blog reading, reading-reading, walking on the treadmill, stitch some, sew some, insurance paperwork and bills, fix dinner, chores. I really wish I could go back, but it won't be long. I will play with my pals some too, before I go back. There's nothing wrong with that part of all; in fact, that will be at the top of my list of things missed when returning to work!

Falling into the routine with my son's college days around this household. Was such a weird feeling when I knew all the kids in the neighborhood and my nieces/nephews were leaving for school this week and he wasn't. However I felt very, very liberated knowing there would be no fighting, no worrying, no nothing about making sure things get done when they should be. No matter what was his job, his duty, I still worried and fretted over it all (even if I didn't tell him). College is his responsibility and so far he is stepping up and homework was done when it's supposed to be done without me even asking. Maybe him having to take care of things himself while I was ill and me trying hard as I might to let him have the responsibility the last years of high school is paying off. In middle and high school, he would have already been behind. Fingers are crossed!

Reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett. Really enjoying it so far. I want to see the movie when I finish the book. Thinking maybe seeing if my mom wants to go see it with me, as it's not quite the kind of movie my husband would enjoy. He and I have seen Planet of the Apes (the Rising of) and The Change-Up. They were both pretty good. I've watched quite a few movies lately too - at home, pretty old ones: Wait Until Dark with Audrey Hepburn - one of my very favorites, Still of the Night with Meryl Streep & Roy Schneider, Valley of the Dolls with Patty Duke. I had never seen the later two...they were both okay. Watching Slingblade with Billy Bob Thorton - picked out by the son tonight.

Hope your week brings you stitches and smiles. Hope your weekend is filled with fun, laughs and hugs! Thanks for checking in - welcome to my new followers!

Sherry :0)


  1. All of your stitchy progress looks great and that stash - good stuff!

  2. All o fyour WIP and WIP to be are just lovely projects :)
    Working on black is hard to do, but I did my Soar sampler stitching with a white towel over my legs and a small lamp on the floor by my feet and it worked like a champ!

    Can't wait to see all of these grow into finished projects!
    the twisted stitcher

  3. I love all your WIPs! Great stashing too. Sort of nice not to have to go back to work part time, yes? More time to recoup and relax! Yay! Glad your DS is doing well with college so far.


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