Tuesday, September 27, 2011

BUSY, BUsy, Busy!!!

You know on the Frosty, The Snowman holiday cartoon when they say, "busy, busy, busy" (I think it's the magician that says it), and it's said busy with a long "z" on the end. Well, that's kind of been me - busy with fun things, to beat!

Warning though - it's definitely going to be picture heavy - so if you want to check out after the stitching, that's okay by me...

Some progress on Elizabeth Mary Gandey by Shakespeare Peddler. I am loving this stitch. I have changed very little - just the robe on the cherub...and it's hair. Oh, and the bird...but just a bit. LOL!
There's more progress on my Blackbird Design Merry Christmas Ella Vaughn - this was the adaptation for my Kindred Spirits Sampler Guild. It's almost done snowing!! Then a couple fill in of holly leaves and she's done and ready for a pillow finish - gonna put it in that ever-growing finish-finish pile. Hmmm, gotta tackle that soon too!

Up next:

Maureen Appleton's The Hearts Content Fruitful III started years and years ago...pulled it back out and did the chimney and finished house last night...it's over one.

Another one I am doing over one - bought this last Friday when I went to my LNS with a pal and I wasn't shopping. I saw this and love it...the strawberries did me in. You know I love me some strawberries - only have the leaves in for the berries thus far ... doing it over one, yikes, am I crazy! But I love the way it's looking. It's Summer Splendor by Little House Needleworks.
I've been in the kitchen a bit. Made my favorite coffee cake from my childhood. Can't imagine why this is so delicious - two sticks of butter and one cup of sour cream, some kind of nuts (I used pecans this time) and cinnamon. I had sour cream going out of code this week, hence the thought to make this. YUM!!

Tonight I took this....

added some cream, butter, onions and pasta (didn't put the apple in the mac & cheese though). Whaa-laa... Homemade, baked mac and cheese with fresh - just picked tomatoes on top with bread crumbs mixed with a bit more butter. It was delicious and there's a bit left over for lunch. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed it...my son, well he only likes Kraft mac & cheese so he had a frozen hogie type sandwich...sucks to be him, more for us!!

Doesn't it look delicious!!

Before I forget - cool fabric (sewing, not stitching) giveaway here if you're interested. I also did some quilting lately. Took a paper-piecing class and a more complex quilting class. I will save those pictures and blathering on about them for the next posting.

Now that my son is 18 and out of high school, my husband and I can take off without worries (many, anyway) for a weekend. We did just that a couple weeks ago. My Grandpa (who turned 94 this past summer) lives a couple hours from our home...we went to see him. My Aunt & Uncle live right next door, but Grandpa still lives alone. This past few months, he's started to fail and repeats things quite a bit - but hey - Ninety-freaking-Four!! It was a nice autumn weekend here in Michigan...this is the view between the houses, of the lake my Grandpa still fishes (in a small row boat with no motor, walking down a long boardwalk to get there).

There are some mushrooms outside his house that are huge.

Right?! You thought I was kidding...that's my size 9 shoe by the mushrooms....Big as my head, they are!

We had a visitor...she is so pretty and so peaceful. This was from inside the house, a bit of distance - across the driveways, but I did the close-up thing and beautiful!

We came home to a not so dirty house - I thought it would be worse. Instead of a 10 gallon tank with fish was gone. The fish went to live with the others in the 50 gallon tank. We had a new 20 gallon tank with a tiny turtle living there. Let him know that wasn't the best decision to make without the people's consent that pay the mortgage! Besides that, he did well on his virgin voyage alone for the whole weekend.

So thanks for stopping on by! I will update you on the quilting classes I have recently attended. Gotta get to stitching to keep busy, busy, busy!

Keep things peaceful and enjoy!

Sherry :o)


  1. I don't know that I've ever seen such huge mushrooms! Whoa! Glad you got to visit your grandpa. I love all your stitching. Maureen Appleton's pieces are always so lovely. And I really didn't need to see Mary Elizabeth Gandy. lol! I've been trying to resist her and you're not making that easy! Gorgeous!!!

  2. That's nice that you got to go visit your grandfather! It looks peaceful where he lives. I love your WIPs--I think that's the first pic I've seen of a WIP of Mary Gandy. Love it! The cherub is adorable. Over one. Yep--you are crazy. ;)

  3. Your time with your Grandfather looks wonderful - very pretty place he lives in.
    Lovely stitches on your projects and your food looks so yummy!!

  4. Good work on Miss Gandey -- she stitched a beautiful sampler, and I like the changes you're making to yours! Have fun!

  5. Your wips are looking lovely, great progress


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