Saturday, September 10, 2011

Remember, Hope, Pray!

As we sit here on the 10th anniversary of an event that united our country, may we all strive, world-wide - for peace, love and an end to war, poverty and evil. I know that sounds a bit "beauty-queenish" to wish for world peace...but even though a bit cliche, it is something I hope my son sees in his lifetime (if I can't)!

I remember, in my thoughts and prayers each day, the solider I know who just completed his second tour in Afghanistan after serving one tour in Iraq. He's in his mid-twenties now and I shutter to think of all he's seen. I pray for him along with all the other men and women fighting...and their families.

Take a moment to squeeze those you love, say a prayer and do something nice for someone hurting as we remember 9-11!


Sherry :0)

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