Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ahh - Summer... (warning - picture heavy)

I have done very little stitching lately on my Snooty Parrot piece.  This is a SAL on Facebook; The Snooty Parrots Sampler by Barbara Ana Designs.  I am quite behind the suggested schedule but my reason (or at least one of them) is pictured below.
Remember my good fortune at my Sampler Guild meeting last month - when I won the donation prize?  Well - you know I just had to start was sitting there looking all pretty and wishing for an 'x' or two...I love the colors and it is easy stitching for when I don't want to work on my 40 count (the bigger pieces in my life at the moment).  This is Stacy Nash Primitive Spring Button Tray and Strawberry Pinkeep.

And the reason I have stitched on almost nothing else...ta dah...almost done.  Keep Me Sampler by Moira Blackburn Samplers.

Just a bit more on the border, my name in the cartouche and a tiny bit more in the bottom box.  Sorry for the wrinkles - it will get a good pressing SOON!
And the "tiny bit" - you got it, those words are over one - 40 count.  I probably will do my cartouche name over one as well.

For the first time in many years (besides when I was out on disability a couple years ago), I was off work for one . whole . week . with a weekend at each end!  Both my husband and I were on vacation.  First we kicked it off with a friend of mine and his wife from my ex-employer.  We both took a day and played with friends; I stitched with my friends on Tuesday - he worked on cars with his friend on Monday.  On Monday I finished up some cleaning.  A couple weeks ago I decided I needed to rearrange the sewing room.  I wanted the bed to be more accessible, the cutting table to be clear so I could actually cut more than small stuff without clearing a spot each time.  Doing this created a big pile of stuff for the trash, another for the salvation army, a third pile to be sold (maybe ebay or something like that - any suggestions for selling no longer wanted complete kits??) and a final pile I wanted to put in the closet - either on the shelf or in the dresser - located in the closet.  Problem - the closet was full and very unorganized.  So.... I tackled that the first Sunday of vacation.  I am sure,  you know the drill - pull EVERYTHING out, sort through it and then put it back.  Of course I added to all the above listed piles as I completed that task. 
This is a closet side view of my finished work - Monday morning.  Fibers and such in the totes.  Quilting projects in the clear plastic boxes.

Below pictured is the shelf above the dresser.  All pretty much quilting projects - some of them take up 3 and 4 boxes as there is backing with some.
Fabric organized on the dresser behind the basket - Halloween, French General and misc. holiday items.  I have a bunch more in a drawer and a tote or two on the floor of the closet. 
I was pretty happy I went through this the first of the week - prevented me from buying husband and I took a couple days and went to the weekly antique auction in Shipshewana, IN.  We left Tuesday night, had a fun, FUN time at the auction - there are several going on at one time - and the flea market.  Ate at our favorite place there, just basically be-bopped around, doing nothing much.  It was a nice get away...  We used to visit Shipshewana at least once a year and hadn't been in a few years.
I bid on and picked up these cute little pieces.  I am putting the pitcher on my cutting table for pens and pencils - they are always rolling around and falling off as I am working and figuring.
Not pictured - my husband picked up a couple of glass milk bottles  - one from our hometown and the other from the farm that hosted Woodstock.
I also bid on and won two pins.  They are both Marcasite 935 sterling silver...I thought of one of my sister's when I saw the plums...I fell in love with the heart.   I  didn't pay much for any of my finds and am quite pleased.
I missed a Coats & Clark thread chest - by about 20 minutes - quite big, pretty good shape and it sold for around $75; dang it.

All in all, it was  great trip.  We have had awesome weather this week.  Beautiful weather, sunny but not too hot, low humidity.  Perfect!
And guess who else likes this weather?

Yep, that's the hacked away rose bush - that was as tall as the umbrella last year - it didn't survive the winter but it is sure making a beautiful comeback.  And my rhubarb (to the left) is very happy, cut a bunch for my sister this morning. 
We didn't do much on the 4th of July - I sewed away some of the some, watched a movie at home.  We went to see Melissa McCarthy's new movie Tammy yesterday.  It was funny - not quite as good as The Heat but definitely had a couple laughs.
We picked up the deck umbrella this week - spent the better part of this afternoon on the computer out there, reading, ate dinner this afternoon...perfect way to end the vacation week.  Really needed something for shade as the deck is on the west side of the house.
My son was home for dinner (a pretty rare occurrence lately) - grilled turkey breast, potato salad, baked beans, veggie tray, fresh Michigan green beans and fruit salad.  Delicious meal!
Please continue to keep my sister (other than the one mentioned earlier in this post) in your thoughts as they continue to struggle with some family issues that are tremendously emotional and heart wrenching for all of us. 
Well, back to work sure has been nice to be off.  Hope all my blog buddies here in the U.S. had an awesome 4th of July - doing what you wanted to do!
Stitch happy - take time for yourself to do what you love!  Hugs,
Sherry :o)


  1. Sounds like a nice week off! Good for you for tackling the sewing room as you did. Looks great! The stitching looks great too, as does your yard. Nice that you got DS home for a dinner together. Many good thoughts for your sister.

  2. Sounds like you had a good holiday. Good for you on organising your stitching room and great progress on your projects.

    I shall keep your sister in my thoughts and prayers


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