Wednesday, June 11, 2014

An Update, Some Pictures and Some Chatter...

Again, so long between just has been so...yeah, ummm....just there!  Still feel like I am new at work most of the time.  For years being in Human Resources, I have told people to be sure to give it at least six months, but more like a year to really "know" your job.  I have been at my job just over six months and I am not being patient as my own advice would suggest.  I have never been one to listen to my own voice in my head!

My sister is still going through too much life, so this past weekend I made several meals for her...and since I was at it, made them for us too.  I also made rhubarb ice cream - so delicious!  Watched the Belmont horse race - disappointed not to witness the triple crown once again in my life.  Maybe next year.

On Sunday I went to the monthly meeting for Kindred Spirits Sampler Guild.  It was a beautiful day and one of our members hosted at her house.  We were outside.  Beautiful; I like summer when it is not humid and not too hot.  It was breezy and beautiful blue skies.  The day was even more awesome when I won the drawing prize.   Isn't it dressed up all pretty?

And the liquorice is yummy; blueberry pomegranate flavored.  I have never had Darrell Lea brand before and will try other flavors!  I absolutely love the Stacy Nash Primitive Spring Button Tray and Strawberry Pinkeep and the linen and fibers tucked in the basket as well.

Sunday was also the showing off the year long focus piece, for all those who stitched it.  I have been working on the Keep Me Sampler by Moira Blackburn.  I completed enough to get my certificate and prize.  Those who finished (or came close) received a pair of Snip-Eze snips.  Cool!!

I will finish this piece soon!  I want to work on the Snooty Parrot (FB group) sampler stitch-along and of course, the S.N. Primitive piece is begging to be started.

 Isn't this willow tree awesome?
 And the flower vine up the side is the second thing that "got" me - after that willow tree.

I have spent a bit of time, albeit very little, at the sewing machine.  Certainly much less than I want to.
We spent Memorial Day weekend cleaning out the gardens and butchering that beautiful rosebush I have posted several times.  The hard winter here in Michigan totally brought the rosebush to it's roots.  We cut it down almost to the ground and thankfully is coming back, a bit. 
We tore up a flowerbed and donated tons of iris' to my sister who needed to fill in an area in her yard.  We put in cucumbers and radishes.  Put a few tomatoes in the ground and planted basil.  I did fix up two small pots of flowers for my front porch, bought a hanging plant for the front.  Check!  Gardening just maintenance.  I don't like to be out in the heat or get that was enough for me.
I had to spruce up my spring/summer  wardrobe for work; as my old place of employment was much more casual.  I love to shop - for books, fabric, stitching, quilting and jewelry.  Not so much for clothes or shoes but I did find some nice things to wear to work.  THEN came the job of weeding out the old stuff I no longer need, doesn't fit, etc.  Check!  Another thing done.
I have been reading a bit.  I am getting pretty geeked the third book in a Trilogy I started a year or so ago is coming out next month.  So I am rereading Discovery of Witches and Shadow of Night as there is much history and both are pretty complex stories...I want to be prepared when The Book of Life comes out.   Who is the author you may be wondering - Deborah Harkness.  I found DOW by accident and when I was toward the end, realized it would not be wrapped up in one book.  So, I started reading SON and part way through that, realized again, it would not be wrapped up and drat! this is a trilogy and of course, the third book hadn't even been started.  I am a put one down, pick up the next - IMMEDIATELY - kind of gal.  So to wait, not easy.  So I decided to do something I don't do very often, I am rereading the others. 
Well, it is late and I have to get the last load of laundry in the dryer.  And then to bed, work tomorrow.
Thanks for hanging with me through the long drought between posts and then again, with the long post!  Hope you all are doing fine - I have been keeping up on blogs and love seeing what you all are doing. 
Do something that makes you happy and stitch lots!
Sherry :o)


  1. You have been busy! I think May is equally busy as November-December. All that gardening, etc. to get done. Great job although a dreaded job on cleaning out the clothes. I see dollar signs when I do that job. Your willow tree looks awesome as does that entire piece.

  2. I still haven't read that trilogy yet -- or started it, that is. I should. Sorry you are having a tough time at work. :( Love your Keep Me Sampler. It was the border that got me on this one. I so need to stitch it sometime. You're almost there! Love the basket you won too! Yay!

  3. Your Keep Me sampler is gorgeous! Hope things settle down for you soon


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