Monday, August 25, 2014

Updates Galore!! Warning...Picture Heavy

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer...until the last day or two, it's been nice - now it is hot and humid - yuck in my book!
Here is a pretty crappy picture (sorry) of my progress on The Snooty Parrot Sampler by Barbara Ana Designs...slowly coming along - I will try to get a better shot next time.  If you enlarge it, the photo does look better.
I just had to start Spells' Store by The Primitive Hare when I brought it home.  I changed it up just a bit - using overdyed versus DMC called for.  It is way too cool!

This past Saturday was the AQS quilt show in Grand Rapids.  Now that is just a hop, skip 'n jump my friend, Robin and I drove right over there, quick as could be!  Boy did we shop and shop, look at the quilts and laugh and laugh!  My tootsies were sure sore and so was my face, from the laughing and smiling!
I bought this...
Some pens for label making, a glue pin, kit & pattern for Lori Smith's Adeline's Best.  This will be my first true try at applique.  A huge backing that is such a yummy batik! - should be yummy, it's called "fudgesicle".  The glue pen is to help do the This & That "trinket wallet" that Robin swore would be easy - it has 1/4" hexi's - easy, she says - good thing she is making one too.
Then there's these...

Three miniatures from the Red Button Quilt Company - all so very, very sweet with miniature buttons!  A kit of reproduction fabrics for Butterfly Kisses - I am not doing it in the white/light as shown in the picture.  Some yardage...kind of Halloween themed....
to go with...

the kit on the right - Red Door Designs Midnight Stars which has some of the Halloween yardage I bought...and this is the fabric in that kit:

I am not liking my pictures tonight...but I have reshot them and no luck getting better snaps.
These are the three Red Button kids - fabric and sweet, tiny buttons!

 Fudgesicle batik - yum!

 Going to use the little pumpkins on orange for the back of Midnight Stars.
 Now - to change the subject...picking from one day only.  Who knew we could grow cukes so well!
There they four plants!
This perspective shows you just how tall they are.  I am 5'10"...they are taller than me!
My tomatoes are not doing so well this year.  I have had one here and there, not the bounty we normally have.
Some days my new job is so very awesome!  A week ago we had an afternoon at the ballpark - did  not have to take time off, tickets, lunch. It was a beautiful afternoon - before it was too hot like today.  It was a good game and the Tigers won! 

On the serious side of work - it is getting better but I still feel like there is so much to learn.  I miss the feeling of knowing what I know for sure...the majority of my day.  I know, it will take some time - I have told many that over the years from the Human Resource side of the desk - I just don't like to listen to my own words. 
We saw a couple movies - Lucy was pretty strange but a good movie.  My husband and I both like it but thought it was different.  Then my son and I went and saw Planet of the Apes and I loved it!  I always loved the original movies and really liked the first remake a couple years ago...
Isn't this beautiful?  There is always a wide variety of items at our Saturday farmer's market and I saw these last week - fresh currants!  I have not seen them for years.  My Grandma used to love currant jelly.  If they have them this next Saturday, I think I may buy some and try to make some jelly and see what happens.

My nephew loved the hats Santa brought my son and husband this past Christmas.  I found a monkey one - and  here he is on his birthday...

This is the 'as seen on tv' hats where you squeeze one of the ties and the arms fling out.  What every 15 year old boy wants for his birthday!!  And my son turned 21 this past week - yikes...he had a blast with friends and spent the weekend doing automotive things - Woodward Dream Cruise in Royal Oak, the Detroit Drift in Detroit, out to lunch with friends and out for dinner with my husband and myself. 
Well - thanks for sticking with me this far...have a wonderful rest of your week.  Make sure to do at least one thing a day that makes you smile - Every day!  Me - I think I gotta get up there to the sewing room and sew and smile -what do you think?
Sherry :o)


  1. Oh my! I love all your new stash! Of course that has distracted me from everything else. lol! The fabric in that kit! Yum! Your Snooty Parrots looks great too! Nice that you got to go to the game and not have to take time off for it and all.

  2. Great progress on your projects, Snooty Parrots is looking lovely.

    You got some great stash


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