Sunday, February 19, 2012

An Update - Picture Heavy...stitching, quilting, my puppy!

So I have stash enhanced with a couple things, finished a couple things, made buckle in - here is what I have been doing.

I took a class with Edyta Sitar this past fall. And fall I did - in love with her batiks. I am kind of a batik-freak anyway...she showed us tons of her quilts - all stunning, I must say. She had this line of fabric called Dreaming in Color and had a pattern that was absolutely something I really, really wanted to make called Dreaming. Unfortunately, it was from a few years ago and very difficult to locate. I searched the Internet and found some of the line and then made up with others that would match. Here are my lights and mediums:
This is the quilt I am going to make with these - these are my darks:

Aren't just to die for? Well if you're still living and breathing after those luscious fabrics, do you like French General? How about this, all kitted up in it's greatness! Lumiere de Noel just waiting for some attention.

And if that wasn't enough - French General - Rouenneries Deux. The pattern is by Its Sew Emma. My friend Peg told me they had released this obsession fabric of mine - already had this in mind, bookmarked and just had to click to order the kit. Wait 'til you see it, Peg - scrumptious!! Now which to start???

Or should I finish what I have what fun would that be - yes, I believe this obsession is a disease!!

Started my house for my moon box Patrick's Woods. Isn't it sweet? I know the smalls are hard to see in the picture, but I will post as I get them done - may just be a bit.

Remember in the last post I mentioned my husband's Aunt; well we went to take her out to dinner yesterday. She is doing well and getting things done. She is such a thoughtful person. Her husband was a staunch - mass every day - Catholic prior to his Alzheimer's. Her boys were raised Catholic (my husband's family are die-hard Lutheran, as was Aunt). Well my husband married a Catholic. I tell you this because since his Aunt's sons are not practicing and my son does (as much as most 18 year old boys do) she wanted him to have the uncle's Rosary. It is so pretty, I just had to give you this picture. The beads are ruby colored and so pretty with the filigree over top each. I love family heirlooms, don't you? My son seemed quite thrilled by the gift.
Okay, after that short break - here is some stitching updates...

Progress being made on BBD Wild Lilies. This is my "go to" piece for easier stitching.

LaDDa's Margaret Cottam progress: Loving this one; the colors, the stitching, the linen. LOVE IT!!

Took the pic of the birthday puppy - he's 8. And boy is he getting grey! We were outside taking snaps of a truck my husband is hoping to sell and he looked like he needed some attention - so, smile pretty Cody!

A Finish!! A Finish!! With Thy Needle's Mystery Sampler - Birds of a Feather. I still can't believe how much I love the flowers in the border. And the sheep, they are so, so cute! I love their little ears. So now on to my next big sampler.
I have Ann Dale (Shakespeare Peddler) all ready to go, silks labeled and bagged, pattern ready but I don't have the line yet - calls for a fat 1/2. Don't have that cut laying around - just a couple 1/2 yards, not fat. Gosh, something skinny!!! But not quite the size I need, no margins. Just waiting!! Checked with my LNS and it's still on back order. Maybe soon??!!

I have another finish - not all my's the friendship sampler with the 12 friends who stitched - most of the group I mention here frequently - they are my buddies and really the best a gal can wish to have around her. Here are some pics...Mine is the top row with the hearts, just barely visible in this shot.
More - sorry for the shadow. Honest, took this pic with full sun shining in the window today.

Won't this look super awesome in my lilac painted and carpeted sewing studio!! Thanks buddies of mine for all your creativity on this one!And remember the traveling sampler from last post - well here it is, paired up with this super awesomeness...they will love hanging around together on the wall. Now to watch for a framing sale!

Whew - I am tired. And I am so ready to stitch a bit before going to bed. On to another week - starting to catch up on things from 2011. I finally have 2010 archived and put away in storage. I think I am about done with April of 2011. Busy few weeks with lots going on home and work, but that's keeps me young, right! Starting to fight that cold and cough that seems to be darkening doors around here lately. Hope it goes through me fast! Have a good week all - and stitch lots!




  1. Oh my gosh, so much to look at!!! Love all your stitching! But what got my attention was the fabric and kits and quilt patterns. lol! I love Edyta Star's fabrics!! Been eyeing them on her website and wishing I could buy some. The mix of batik and printed fabric she's been doing recently is just wonderful! And yes, I'm a batik girl too. And French General!!! Yummmm! The designs you're planning to make all look wonderful too. Sigh..... Just lovely, everything. Lovely rosary too -- a precious gift for sure.

  2. Great fabrics, great stitches and a very special gift!

  3. So much goodness to behold! Love all the quilty fabrics but the red French General are my favorite! What a sweet thing for your son to get the rosary. All your stitching is beautiful - love the Mystery Sampler (I must get mine done) and the round robing piece you all worked on is stunning. Can't wait to see you at Guild next month!

  4. Okay, I don't even know where to begin here! You have so many wonderful fabrics that I'm drooling all over the keyboard. Aren't those FG fabrics the greatest. I just ordered the whole Fat Quarter collection for Deux, but you know, I have a hard time cutting into them because I love them so much - how bad is that.

    Love the Mystery Sampler (which reminds me that I need to finish mine one of these days) and I wish that I had gotten into the moon box, but well.....maybe I will later. Hope to see you next month at Guild!

  5. Hey Sherry!'ve been getting a LOT done, I'm so jealous! The first quilt you're going to start looks absolutely stunning and insanely complicated! I hope you'll post about your progress. I love the idea of a friendship sampler! I might have to get in on one of those. Cody is family has a 9 year old Shepherd and he is SO grey, it's super hilarious and kind of sad all at the same time.

  6. Wow Sherry! You have some fabulous stitching going on! Love all your pictures! Glad to have found your blog! My profile picture on my blog is new. :)


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