Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tiny Progress...

This week I had the cold, cough and yuckies that everyone seemed to be passing around. I didn't do much, Jeopardy comes on at 7:30 each evening and most of last week, I was in bed right after the final!! I did pull out some DMC, a bib that was in my stash from forever ago, located a cutie of a pattern sent to me by Amy of Amy Bruecken Designs this summer when I was down from surgery...and here is what I whipped up by Saturday morning. "Hug Me" is the pattern name - didn't she make a cutie with this one!!Since I lost some of my stitching time early in the week, took it to work with me two days...but I made my deadline. My coworker and hiss wife (coworker that did part of my job while I was on disability last year) are having a baby in May. The baby shower was yesterday. I wanted to put this on the made a cute package - should have snapped a pic of that...didn't think about it until now.

Woke up to 26* at 7:30 (sleeping in, yes!) and now a mere few hours later it is 41* - but sunny, that's the key for me - SUNNY today!

Hope everyone has a good week! I have only four days of work - my son has his braces removed one morning and that afternoon I am going to stitch with my buddies - Can't wait - boy do I need a friend-fix!

Off to finish up the laundry, check out the Daytona 500 - kick off to the NASCAR season and catch up on a story or two I watch during the week and I missed being sick...oh yeah, and to bake a cake for dessert with my friends...and last STITCH!!

Hi to the regular followers and a BIG welcome to my new followers...Happy week, happy stitching...

Sherry :o)


  1. Have fun stitching.
    We also have the race on and I am about to grab my stitching and plop down in front of the TV. I hear Masterchief in there listening to the music they are playing while it's on a rain delay.

  2. Cute little finish which will be much loved, I'm sure. Have fun stitching and yep! it was great to see the sun today although it keeps playing peek-a-boo!

    See you at Guild for the auction - Can't wait!!!

  3. What a great finish and great idea for how to use it for the present too! Yay for a four day week this week for you. After being sick, you deserve it! Hope you're feeling better.

  4. Such a cute finish! Hope that you're feeling better. I know what you mean about falling asleep early in the evening - I went through that for a couple weeks! Wasn't the weather great today - and I think it's going to be better tomorrow. Spring will be here before we know it!!

  5. What a sweet finish and a great idea for a gift! I love that idea, of tying it onto the bow!

    Have a great weekend--I hope your cold is gone now!

  6. are TOO CUTE!


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