Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wicked! Just Plain Wicked!

What's up with the title....well it's wicked HOT here in Michigan! I am a cold weather lover so this heat is not up my alley at all. Thank goodness we have air conditioning. Not much going on around here; still working on therapy to help gain strength in the back/abdomen/core muscles and am actually "graduating" from occupational therapy next week.

I have been stitching up a little storm. I don't have pictures, unfortunately, at this time since it is for a Christmas present and there are a few in the gift exchange group that read my blog and it's a secret!! And it is not finish-finished. I will post once gifted.

I am going to work on non-present stitching today and will post progress pictures in the next few days or so. I think today, with the wicked hot weather, I will work on a the snowman ornament in the previous you think it will aid in a cool down?

I also am anxious to get more done on my Birds Of A Feather by With Thy Needle &'s the mystery sampler on so many of the blogs in my blogroll and others, I'm sure. It is a wicked fun stitch and I am really enjoying it thus far, even though I am just on the border.

I have been reading some too. If you are a reader, check out these:

  • Secret Garden by Sarah Addison Allen (really good, easy read)

  • Die For You by Lisa Unger

  • Heart Full of Lies by Ann Rule (based on true crime - wicked good)

  • Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen (also really a movie too - haven't seen, it's on my list)

  • The Host by Stephanie Meyer (author of the Twilight series) It is an awesome book - loved it!

  • By Kate Jacobs - loved all of them. I read Comfort Food first and really liked it, then I read the knit series: The Friday Night Knitting Season, Knit Two and Knit the Season

  • Bone By Bone by Carol O'Connell (super book, a must read in my opinion)

What am I currently sticking my nose into? The Shack by William P.'s a read that is very though provoking. I am almost done and then who knows what is next...the stacks are tall.

Thanks for being a follower, stalker, occasional reader...comments are appreciated. It's kinda cool to know people actually are interested in what I have to type. I did have a follower drop off - thought that would bother me a bit, but not so much. I do wonder why...

No matter where you are, I hope your weather is great, you needle is threaded and you enjoy each stitch!
Sherry :o)


  1. Glad you'll be graduating from occupational therapy soon. I assume that means you're improving and doing well. I know what you mean about the heat. It's just miserable. Ugh. Interesting books you have listed. I'll have to look some of them up.

  2. It's 100+ here in MO and I'm ready for it to be over! Garden Spells is a favorite of mine. I've just joined Goodreads and am finding some interesting reads.

  3. Congrats on graduating to occupational therapy soon. You'll be dancing in no time. Well, maybe not, but I'm sure that you're going to be feeling a lot better. I'm going to have to look up some of those books. I've read Ann Rule and Carol O'Connell and like both of them, and Water for Elephants was a great book and hope that I can get to see the movie soon.

    Take care and stay cook. Today was 102 at my house! UGH!

  4. So glad you are doing well! It has been miserable, I agree. Our AC was out for almost a week and we just got a new one Tuesday - just in time!
    Be well - I hope to see you at the August meeting?????

  5. The heat is just awful around here too! I try to stay inside as much as possible which drives me crazy in the summer. Congratulations on graduating to occupational therapy soon! Hope you continue to feel better.

  6. It's hot in PA, too! I was out at 10:30 last night and my cell phone said the temp was 100. Glad you're feeling better and will soon be done with therapy.


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