Saturday, July 9, 2011

Finally - some stitching....Really!

I can stitch!! I can sit in a chair, concentrate and stitch - FINALLY. I have my stitching cravings back!! I am still not allowed to drive, can't stand at the counter for a long time, can't sit in my kitchen counter stools or the dining room chairs, am still going to physical and occupational therapy, but I can sit in a chair to stitch. I have been reading quite a bit too...(more on that later, after stitch news). Daytime t.v. is not the best thing in the world but... I'll fill you in on how my recovery is going at the end; that way if you only want to check out the stitching progress you can skip the chattering. So on to what this blog is first and far most about:

I picked up this cutie - started it yesterday. It is an easy stitch as most of the time I stitch on 36 or 40 count. This is 28 or 32 count (I took the fabric out of my stash). Cute! Oops - had to take out the pic...forgot that it's for a Christmas goodie and who knows, she may read my blog. I will do some posting of this in a few months and it will be finished! Sorry about that - can't do a pic at this time....but there are more - keep reading!

Then I have this. I tell you, I have been thinking of this one so much that I had dreams of it for two nights before it arrived in the mail. I hope the mailman didn't think I was stalking him as I waited by the mailbox for several days in a row; yep, there I was, walker and all... In my dream, I saw myself stitching it, feeling the silks and the linen! Is that crazy or what? It's the Birds of a Feather by With Thy Needle & Thread. And you probably can't see that much of the border as it's close to the linen color but with the flower below, it did pop out more. I am not sure I will do the letters in that color, as charted; will have to play a bit. And by the time I get to the letters, part III will be out and I will see what other colors I want to enhance or emphasize. This one has me wanting to get all the chores done (although mine are still limited) and stitch until my body can't sit a moment longer and my mind can't think any longer.

Remember the Kindred Spirits Sampler Guild BBD challenge I babbled a bit earlier in a post or two about the was to do one of the Remember Me Series to be shown at the July meeting. I couldn't choose between Ella Vaughn or My Missouri Home. Before all my medical/illness issues, I was positive I could get two done. I am making them into pillows for my bench in our family room. Well with my time-out (not self imposed, you can bet your bitty on that) I knew that it wasn't possible. I didn't get the Ella Vaughn done. I am not sure what I am going to put in the snow, to personalize it for my family. But I do have quite a bit of it done. Don't you love the pine tree? I also loved the snow flakes!

This one is My Missouri Home that I personalized with initials of myself, husband and son in the roof (over one, to make them blend in and not stand out). I put our last name in the grass with the words "Our Home". I love the strawberries in this one - that's why I just had to do it! I am a strawberry gal, there's no doubt about that!!!

Sorry for the wrinkles - the iron is upstairs and I have not been cleared to do stairs without assistance, so my time in the sewing studio is quite limited...and it was going to be folded/rolled and sent with my friend, Paulette, to KSSG since I will miss yet again another meeting. Thanks Paulette for taking it for me to show off. I am sad I won't see all the other pieces from the talented members, the way they personalize them for their family...but then again, it will certainly cut down on the "I gotta stitch this now" feeling by not seeing the other seven in person!

I thought this is very, very sweet! I only have the snowman done so far. I did his head three times when I was hanging with some of my friends a few days ago. I am now able to move about a bit and my friends were getting together not too far from where I had therapy later in the day, sooooo some of my friends drove me there, then another took me to therapy and my sister works near there - she picked me up and brought me home. It was great to hang out and laugh! Boy was I tired, very tired! My endurance sucks...but it is better each week. Anyway - this is so adorable and I think I will be so cute on the tree, or somewhere like the mantle. It came with the red wool fabric, the fabric for the back and a rusty bell. It's by Island Cottage Needlearts and is called Under the Mistletoe. Can you say ADORABLE!! Well, that's about all I have for needle/stitchy updates. I have been post-surgery for over two months now. I really thought I would be walking with a cane, if not on my own. I have taken a few very shaky steps on my own (with supervision, mind you). I really thought I'd be back to don't get me wrong, I am enjoying hanging with friends and stitching and laughing, I am enjoying being home bit more with my guys - but I miss the routine of work, I miss $$$ too! I want to feel better and sleep without pain, but I am thankful that I am walking and able to function as I should. I realize when you have spine surgery and with the virus I had on my spine, it takes time. Maybe this is a test of my patience by God...well I am ready to say, I get the lesson - alright, all ready....

Thanks for sticking with me while I was absent and not posting. Thanks for the comments about my graduate (my chest is still full of pride)!! and for the comments about my health. I do appreciate and love that people read all about the thoughts that bang around in my mind. So until the next update: stitch happy, stitch lots and smile...




  1. I love all your stitching projects! So lovely to see! I'm so sorry you've been having such issues with your back! Where have I been that I missed that? Hope you're feeling better soon and back to normal. It's good you're back to stitching again!

  2. Lovely stitching! I'm happy you feel up to stitching again. Hope you are 100% soon!

  3. So glad your stitching mojo is back! Your stitching is beautiful.

  4. So good to see a stitchy update again! Beautiful stitches!! I hope you continue to feel stronger each day - hugs!

  5. Glad that your back to stitching! All the pieces are lovely. I am glad that everyday you are feeling alittle better.

  6. What beautiful stitching! I'm glad that you're back and at 'em, even if it is slower than you'd like it to be at times. Everything looks great. Best wishes for a continued speedy recovery!

  7. Your stitching looks lovely, glad to hear you're back at it.


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