Monday, November 1, 2010


So I didn't fall off the face of the earth, just landed my butt on the couch/bed for a couple weeks. I don't have any updates in the stitching world - haven't had a needle in my hand for that couple weeks. I had a sciatic nerve problem about a year and a half ago - it flaired up almost two weeks ago and this was worse than the original problem. Bummer - not only could I not sit or drive, I missed three days of work, had to post-pone a lunch with my friend, Pam and didn't get to go away for my stitching get-away (and I had my choice of two to attend that weekend)! But I am on the mend and not quite 100% yet - hence the short post. I am glad it wasn't something major and I know I'm lucky to be relatively healthy, but this was a pain in more ways than one!

Hope everyone had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Those kiddies were so cute - and the older kids were so clever!

Hopefully there will be some great progress soon! I hope to catch up with everyone's blog in the next week or two...


  1. Oh Sherry! You poor thing! I've had sciatic pain before so I know what that's like -- ouch! Hope you're feeling back to normal soon. What a bummer that you missed your lunch date and the stitching get-away! :( Feel better.

  2. Yikes!! I hope you are on the mend soon!


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