Monday, November 22, 2010

Stitch updates, birthday goodies and turkey wishes!!

Hey everyone! Hope you are doing well and smiling lots! I am doing better with my back/sciatic issues - therapy is working thus far.

Well I guess I will give you a stitching update first, so that you can "check out" of this post if you don't want to "listen" to the blah, blah, blah part...

Back when I began writing this blog, I had done a quilt for my niece for Christmas and posted a pic. This is the pillow I made to match - her birthday is coming up and I will give her this with a little cash. I think she'll like it!

I have been working on some items I received for Christmas last year. I am in an gift exchange with my friends (a.k.a. my stitching friends - that's what the guys I live with call them -- and that would be my husband and son...but I am off subject)! Anyway - last year Pam had my name. Her husband is a very talented woodworker - I received a stitching chest - two drawers and four of the plastic bobbin holder/project holder boxes. In the drawers were thread holders (also made by her husband), chocolate and a BBD pin cushion - stitched. In the plastic project holders were some fat quarters and three different projects. Pictured here are two of the projects I have finished in the last couple weeks.
Fright Night is a Lizzie & Kate, JBW Designs (I think) is A Very Merry Autumn.

I started Pumpkins Three two weeks ago when I was hanging with my buds - I love this pattern and it's great for when chatting it up - all one color. It's a La-D-Da pattern.

I worked on it today - when stitching with the group again...I have this pumpkin finished; I stitched the one next to it three different times (not the whole way, mind you) but one section THREE times...not a good counting day - gonna put some time into it again tonight. So check back in the next few days - I hope to give you updated pictures on this, the two houses from BBD Remember Me series and pics of the friendship samplers I've had in my hands (there are 13 of us stitching on each other's )...

Okay - on to the birthday goodies I received from my friends. I even got another today - love those birthdays that keep on going!

Received these cute pumpkin salt & pepper shakers, quilting patterns. Vera Bradley pencils - with sharpener...the pencils fit in the pad of paper. How cleaver!

This layer cake is what I received today - sooo cute! Halloween colors are some of my very favs!

Isn't this box so pretty! (This is the top in the right of the pic) I am using it as a catch-all for threads, ribbons, etc. which need to be put away; instead of having them laying all around the sewing studio!

The little bag on the far left, a beautiful fabric "basket" - now sitting next to the sewing machine, holding strips for the next gadget bag I have ready to make. I received some body butter, a scrunchie wash thingy for the shower, "S" stickers - for SHERRY, of course, note books, journals, chocolate

More Halloween goodies - a tray, a pin (to die for cute, feathery witchie pin, cool bucket (now holding all my new little notebooks and journals). I also received cool dish towels and wash rags - already on the sink and counter when I took the pictures - Halloween towels and a gift certificate for my LNS. Awesome!!! Birthday cake was really, really yummy too - chocolate with a mocha type frosting!

Son's school conferences went well. These were the final of two left to do. It has been a huge struggle for him and we both will be glad when he can move on to what he really wants to do!

In case my update post doesn't come before Thursday - Happy Turkey Day to all my U.S.A. readers!! I have to work the day after, but am looking most forward to having Thanksgiving off - pumpkin pie, turkey, dressing. Enjoy!

Stitch, sew, read, do something that makes you happy!



  1. Love the stitchy goodness -- and what great birthday presents you received too! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! (Bummer that you have to work the day after.)

  2. Great goodies!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. You got some lovely things, hope you have a great Thanksgiving


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