Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mostly stitching update!!

Well, I promised I would show some status on a couple of the WIP projects that are in the front of the line. I couldn't get any good pictures of my BBD houses, it's been pretty cloudy here the past couple days - and cold! I love snow and winter, but yesterday I couldn't warm up for nothing! Anyway, I have worked on my La-D-Da Pumpkins Three quite a bit, when stitching with my friends the couple Mondays's easy, no color changes...loving this one - doing Crescent Colors Balsam Fir on a brown linen. Sorry for the shadow on the bottom of the first picture. Here's my progress! I did cut it a little close to the edge, good thing I am making a pillow out of this one.

I also received this great recipe book. The Attic (needlework shop out of Arizona I want to visit someday - long way from Michigan) does a breast cancer fund raiser...this book was part of it. They had an auction a couple weekends ago and I think I read they raised over $17,000. This cookbook was part of it - they took recipes from designers and customers - of which I have two that were selected! There's also some patterns in the front. Taking it to work with me tomorrow for lunchtime reading.
I put the binding on the UofM quilt for my nephew about a week ago - now I have to fold it to the back and hand stitch the binding. I have until Christmas but I sure would like to knock it out this week.
The other quilt is one I did for my husband. I bought the fabric about three or four years ago. I cut it out this summer and blogged about it earlier this year. Then pieced it off and on, got it quilted a couple months ago...sewed the binding on it this evening - want to knock this one out this week too! He will be really happy to have it now that cold has set in; it's flannel.

Last but not least, this is the latest of the friendship samplers I have been working on - did post on 9/15 (mine), post on 10/3 (Roz's)...this is Ginger's. I neglected (a.k.a. forgot) to get a pic of Sally's - I worked on and passed it on while my back issues were still in the forefront. I have added a bit since mine and Roz's...My part is the rhodes hearts, and three rows under the hearts.
So it's almost the first of much to do and it always seems, not much time. Cards, presents, decorating, cookies...and then there's the things I want to do - stitching, reading, relaxing... Isn't it funny, it always gets done.
One thing I am looking very forward to is the dinner with my buddies - I will have more to post after that. We draw names each year, I think mine is a surprise and I don't know if she reads my blog, so I have to keep it a secret!
I did get one area of decorating done - my blog template. The banner picture is my tree last year. I wasn't really in the holiday mood, so we put up only one tree and our (my) favorite ornaments are on it. I usually only put handmade (stitched or painted - my mom is an artist) on this small tree and then all the ornaments on the bigger tree. The tiny tree to the left was crafted, decorated and trimmed by my Dad while he was recovering from surgery the year before he died. It's always my special tree, I think of him every single time I look at it and wish he was still here. I think that was part of the funk I was in last year (it had been a few years without Dad). Gotta keep that feeling away this year! This is the last year my son is still my responsibility and a "child" (lots of laughing now as I know just because he's 18 next year, he will not be an adult - although talk with him about that an it's a much different story). Anyway...
Here's to making your last two days of November productive, happy and hope you find something each day to make you smile! I know I will!!


  1. I love the tree in your header -- so pretty! It's so special that you have the little tree to remember your dad by. Love your pumpkins and the quilts as well. I have my son at home for this year and next and then it will be off to college for him too. It's amazing, isn't it?

  2. Great progress on your wips and your tree is lovely

  3. Hey Sherry! Thanks for visiting my blog! I've "followed" yours now too, your finishes are amazing! Looking forward to reading more :-)

  4. Great progress on your WIPs! I love your tree, too--so pretty. Great job on the quilt, too! I'd love to go The Attic one day, too. We can dream, right?! ;)

  5. I love your Pumpkin piece, the thread goes beautifully with that linen. I've done a few pieces where I've left my framer very little linen to work with, thankfully she's a friend so she puts up wih me.


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