Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thanks, progress, work, ride, pie, Tigers....whew!

Hey everyone!

I can't tell you how much it thrills me to have comments, visitors and know that people find what I have to say as interesting (or at least a little interesting). I think I am not always so, but I really enjoy reading what others have to say - even if it's not stitching related. And to see you following my blog on your blog - way cool!! Funny, I've only been doing this a couple months and already I feel like I know so many of you...any way - thanks!

So as I mentioned in a post back one or two, I really didn't think I was making progress on The Red Flower Sampler (E. Bennett) but posting pics has really said "silly, you are making quite good progress". And I am on the home stretch. Two more bands to complete (one is my personalization which is now charted - yipiee). I am finishing up the queen stitches on the blue band, then there's a small separation bar, then the over one personalization. I only have to go back in and fill in the grape like things and the three flowers. Then I can move on to the next of my bigger things to do! And I think I may work on a couple of my smaller things too in between - this one project thing is working for me for the moment but my fingers are getting itchy to switch it up. I love stitching this time of year - lots of Tigers baseball on the t.v. to listen to while I'm stitching - even though it's a sad time for us Tiger fans with the loss of Ernie Harwell - I remember laying in the grass listening to him call out the games while hanging with my Dad or Grandpa as a small gal! Oh yeah, back to stitching...I have also been thinking about new projects (lordy, what am I thinking) but I know how I am and it won't be long before I make that first mark on a piece of crisp linen.

Here's my progress - sorry for the wrinkles, but I have been doing this one in hand. I finally had a little sunshine to get a better pic than the last couple...

DH went back to work this past week - so he's tired...and it's been a rough week for me...getting used to the new routine and I had a killer headache all week, it would hide a bit and then come roaring out. Yuck!

Today was finally a nice day here in Michigan. After what seems like months (although it's only been days) of rain, we had blue skies and sun for most of the day. This morning my DH, DS and I went out to the main street in town. The couple who introduced me to my DH were riding in a memorial ride for veterans in their cycle group - Rolling Thunder. There were many, many bike. It took them about 20 minutes to ride by from the first to the last. Here a couple pics. In one, you can see the police escort that stopped traffic. The bikes sitting on the side are holding traffic in the parking lots and side streets. It was very loud, many waived. There was a little boy in the parking lot we were in waiving like mad to a couple of the bikes carrying people he knew. It was great to see the support people give the men and women protecting our country. They ended in the next town with a ceremony. If you click to enlarge the pics, you can see the line of bikes goes on as far as my cameral could see...What a nice day for a ride!

Then it was on to grocery shopping...I was hungry for a summer fav - BBQ Chicken Pie. It's just a pie shell with bbq chicken (cooked, chopped and sauce poured in it) mixed with cheddar cheese and green onions. Heat that, dump in pie shell and serve with sour cream and cherry tomatoes on top. Yum....also been thinking about the sour cream coffee cake my mom made when I lived at home - so since my sour cream only had a few good days left, made that too...haven't had that yet - waiting 'til morning.

And lookie what I found in my garden - now I have to tell you - I am a stitching, quilting, reading kind of girl - don't like dirt, don't like to garden but sure have an appreciation for beautiful plants. I love flowers, fresh tomatoes, etc. And somehow the soil or the garden angels must look out for me because...
yep - it's rhubarb. I get tons of it. Started one plant about 6 years ago from some seeds one of DH's co-workers gave him...and then I get fresh rhubarb all summer long. I read (and Grandma just cut in spring) that you can't have good rhubarb all summer long - well let me tell you, no one told that to my rhubarb plants (yes, more than one now) and I have good flavor and density through August if the weather is favorable.

So what did I do with this you ask?

THIS!!!! THIS!!! THIS!!!

And let me tell you, as soon as I am finished with posting this, a big ole slice is going to be in a bowl, with some vanilla ice cream - which is necessary since I cut my sugar in half for this pie. Love the sour!!! I also made up a little rhubarb sauce (stewed rhubarb) for toast this week. Bought some English Muffin bread at the grocery...they have the best bakery. DH found a recipe for Tuna Burgers (kind of like salmon patties) that suggests it be served on an English Muffin or Italian Bread - sounds like an easy supper one night next week to me!

Okay, I know it's not a cooking blog - but when I get motivated with something, I need to brag it up a little. I did forget, hung with my friends on Tuesday afternoon at Robin's...great food, lots of talking and some laughs and worked my sampler...then last night I hung out with my bff Mary and some people I know from a "stitching camp" organized by my LNS twice a year. They take turns hosting a once a month get-together and Mary and I were invited. Again, good food, good talking and the sampler. Boy I have to get that, on to pie, baseball (Tigers currently down by 5, but it's only the bottom of the sixth - yikes) and stitching - enjoy the rest of your weekend - and stitch away!!! Hey - while proofing they scored! Now only down by two - go Tigers!



  1. Your Red Flower Sampler is gorgeous! So is that pie. lol!

  2. I love the red flower sampler and that pie sure looks yummy!

  3. You have been a busy girl! The Red Flower Sampler is gorgeous! Be sure to bring it to guild so I can see it! The rhubarb plant is gorgeous - don't think I've ever eaten rhubarb.... hmmm... the pie looks great but I'm more of a sweet gal than a sour gal so the sugar would have to go back in it for me. We did have a great day yesterday, didn't we - looks like another beauty today! Have a great week!

  4. Love your new sampler! My grandmother used to make rhubarb pie when I would visit her (in MI).

  5. Isn't the weather around here great this weekend! Of course, with the nicer weather, DH has ordered a ton of mulch, so you know what I'm doing.

    Your Red Flower Sampler is beautiful. You're really making great progress on it. And I love Rhubarb pie! I haven't had it in so long and now I want one! Although I do like most of the sugar in it because I'm not really an ice cream person!

    Have a wonderful week Sherry!

  6. Red Flower Sampler is looking gorgeous as is the pie.

  7. Your RFS is coming out so nicely! You'll be happy dancing in no time. :) What a neat ride, too, for the bikers to do--supporting our veterans is so important.

    I am the same... I love the IDEA of gardening and pretty plants and so on, but I don't like actually digging in the ground and pulling up weeds and bugs and that sort of thing. Congrats on the rhubarb--YGG!

  8. I just stumbled onto your blog. Love your Red Flower project. Photos are great for showing us that we have made progress when it seems like we're going nowhere with a piece. I recently started up again on a UFO from 1992. I've been on it non-stop for several weeks and was starting to get discouraged because I didn't seem to see any changes. I came across a picture yesterday of where I was the last time I worked on it (2 years ago) and I'm now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Perspective. I still have quite a bit to go, but I think I'll be able to finish it before the recipient (my 21 year old, single daughter) is a grandmother. ;)


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