Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another Glorious Weekend!

I have made some progress on The Red Flower Sampler and quilted a bit...worked on my husband's quilt. It's from Moda's Trail Adventures line...doing a pattern called Yellow Brick Road and I don't know the name of the designer. I also made another bag for a friend's birthday.

No pics - sorry. It's been another crappy weekend here in Michigan for pictures to turn out come even inside pics don't look good when it's cloudy out?

Didn't stitch or sew much today. Had a meeting (Kindred Spirits Sampler Guild) and it was fun. I'll post pics of some of the sewing baskets too - when I do progress updates (too tired to do it tonight...and I want to get stitching).

On the home front, hopefully this will be the last week my husband is off work. We are hoping his surgeon will let him return starting next week. He is doing better and getting a little bored. School is starting to wind down for my kiddo...and this time of the year is tough on parents, students and teachers alike, I know.

More next week, along with some pictures. Thanks everyone for your comments, clicking in to read my ramblings and special thanks to those of you who have helped me as I struggle with posts, pictures, etc. This has been quite a learning experience.


  1. Hey Sherry! I didn't get to talk to you too much today - bummer. Julie and I came in late and then the day just got away from me. Did you finish the band on your basket? I really need to do mine but when.....?

    Have a great week!

  2. Sherry, so glad tohear that your husband is feeling better. Can't wait to see pictures of your work.

    Have a great week.

  3. Well dang it Sherry - I was hoping for some pictures since I missed Guild today! Maybe just as well because I haven't even touched the band for the basket - bad girl, I know. Can't wait to see some pictures and I'll catch up with you next month.

    Glad your husband is feeling better!

  4. Sorry the weather was crummy in MI this weekend. :( But, glad to hear your DH is doing better!!

    Have a great week!!

  5. I'm glad your husband is feeling better! I hope you'll post some pics of your quilt WIP. I just looked up the fabric line--I bet it's wonderful!


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