Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mama's Day!!, Progress Report & Ramblings

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's who read this! I think you all deserve a pat on the back. I spent some time with my Mom this morning. My husband and son took me to brunch; so we invited my Mom too. It was yummy and very delicious. This afternoon, my son and I went to the see the Disney "Oceans" film. He wasn't real thrilled with my choice, but he loves nature things about fish/whales/sea creatures and has been fascinated with them his whole life, so I don't think he was too bored. It was pretty good -fabulous photography, nice music; we even saw some creatures we've never seen on all the Animal Planet shows for the last 14 or so years. Since it has been chilly and windy here in Michigan the past couple days and I needed to make my husband's going back to work as easy as possible (did you hear both him and myself yell a big "YeeHoo" in the background??), I made a pot of bean soup today. I know this blog is mostly about stitching, quilting, etc., but I couldn't resist this pic:

Took the Easter ham bone from the freezer, dumped in some beans, cut up a few veggies, little seasoning and when we all gather for dinner after work/school - easy dinner with minor prep. Yum! And unseasonably cool is what it has been - so I've had a hard time getting into the sun to take some pics of my progress - so I apologize for the shadows:

I have made progress on "The Red Flower Sampler". Last pic was at the two red flowers and then came the over one verse...then both the next band and the larger green one still have knots of one type or another that need to be added, but I will do that last so they don't come loose. The S in the next photo is over one also, the red alpha is done with two-sided Italian Cross Stitch so it's taking me a little longer than the normal "x". Progress, none-the less. That's one thing I like about blogging, I never took progress pics before and sometimes felt like it was taking me so long, but in reality the progress may not be so slow after all! And since I have so many projects going at one time, sometimes I feel a little wheel-spinning happening!

I have spent some time sewing too. This is a little notions or ditty bag I made for my friend Pam for her birthday. I have posted a few others I have made earlier. I also worked on my DH's quilt, but no progress pics yet; hopefully soon. I'm a pretty inexperienced sewer/quilter and things like the bags are a challenge, but by the time I make a few of them for my awesome friends, I am much better. I love the blue batiks in this one.

The baskets are from the Kindred Spirits Sampler Guild meeting last Sunday. A couple years ago, through a collaboration of members, the basket band was designed, lining pattern written, smalls designed with many other "smalls" possibilities. Everyone did something a little different and made the basket their own. Mine is the one on the far right of the picture above. Everyone who had finished the band, but not necessarily attached to basket yet, was encouraged to bring them to the May meeting. I will post more pics of mine, closeups and such, when I finish more smalls too.

Thanks for all the people who check out this blog. I really appreciate the comments and am thrilled when new one's posted...they make me smile. I want to thank the other people too - the one's who I am now following their blog...they are inspirational, I have found lots of things I'd love to do and want to check out. I'm learning much about other areas of this great country of ours AND many other countries too. It's fascinating to me that we are all so similar in what we stitch, ramble about and what makes us happy. Thank goodness for those who answer my many questions too - I am learning tons about so much...who knew that just by checking out (who by the way, was just featured on the DMC Studio blog - congrats on that Terri) and, both friends from Kindred Spirits, that I would become so addicted to this!

Well, if I want some time to put needle to thread tonight, I must wrap up it's long enough! Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week...I know I will - am looking forward to hanging with some of my awesome friends tomorrow afternoon (half-day off work!) can you say "yee-hoo" again!

Stitch much - smile - get hugs!!



  1. You can ramble all you want Sherry! You have great things to ramble about. Your soup looks wonderful. With the weather the way it's been around here, soup is the perfect thing to make. I made Split Pea on Friday - not a lot of people like it, but my strange kids love it.

    Your making great progress on your piece and love, love the ditty bag. Your friend is going to love it!

    And I'm rather glad that I couldn't make Guild last week. I don't have one stitch into my band yet. Always other things to do!!

    Have a wonderful week Sherry!

  2. I love your sampler! It is coming along so nicely. That's the great thing about blogging--wanting to stitch so that you have progress pics, and then seeing that even if you didn't think you'd done much, that there IS enough for a progress pic! ;)

    Great ditty bag! That is really neat. I've never tried sewing a bag... just quilts and Halloween costumes.

    Your basket and the band--oh my GOSH!!!!!!!! Fabulous! I have a chart or two to do a basket band but haven't yet. I love how yours turned out--can't wait to see more as you do smalls for it.

  3. love you blog Sherry :) Thanks for visiting mine. The baskets are wonderful! and I love your little ditty bag :) I bet that soup was good!

    You asked about my rotation .. yes there are times when I stitch on other things than what's assigned to that day .. especially when I'm really close to a finish .. rotation only works for me when it's loose :)

  4. Hi there! I think my phone is going to let me comment on your post! Yay! Anyway, great post! That soup looks deelish! And you did a fantastic job with the ditty bag - ygg!

    It can be so hard to get good progress pics, can't it? But it got the point across, and you're making great progress!

    Hopefully you guys get some nice weather this weekend! Have a good one!


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