Sunday, March 17, 2013

I've become a one month type of gal...

Okay, so I guess posting once a month is better than none.  I have a couple progress pics.  I do have some others that I need to post, but I haven't snapped them as of yet.

Here's what I've been up to lately...  remember these:

This is my progress.  I took those, added some 2.5 green pieces (still need to be squared up).  Next step is to add some cheddar squares and then put my rows together.  Maybe today I will make more progress.
 Funny thing - I only needed 30 of the square with four fabrics.  Once again (second time I've done it - last time was a black and white I'll show at a later date) I made double.  So today I may make 15 more of the above, with red larger squares...going for a Christmas theme.

My project bags were sold at the auction for the Sampler Guild fundraiser.  A friend of mine bought them...they made a bit of $$ for the guild.  The auction was fun - I picked up a stitched pear and a wreath of BlackBird fabric.  I will show those next time as I don't have their pictures on the computer or my phone and they are all-the-way-upstairs.  

Why do I say it like that  Yesterday was our big trade show at work - I missed the last two years due to my surgery and my mom's illness.  It's a long day but fun to see customers I normally don't interact with, employees from our branches I work with daily - a couple new ones so it was nice to put faces to the voices.  We put through a couple thousand people, close to 200 vendors.  It's a ton of work for our warehouse personnel last week and next and every hand was on deck yesterday, many for 12+ hour days.  So I am whipped and don't feel like hauling my fanny upstairs to get the items photographed.   Next you something to look forward to seeing, I guess - hopefully quicker than a month from now.

I have been stitching quite a bit, but not much progress to post - one is a Christmas present and I have gone "gang busters" on it - almost finished.  I have a tiny bit done on my sampler posted last time, but not enough to show at this point.  Maybe after this week I will have more progress I can post - I am stitching with my friends Tuesday and can't wait...I need my friend fix! 

I read another book on my Kindle (and played some games, addicting).  The book, Don't Let Me Go, by Catherine Ryan Hyde, was pretty good.  It was sad and happy, a very quick read I enjoyed.  What to read next...hmmm.

Today my mom is making a St. Patty's Day dinner - corned beef, cabbage, etc.   It's always yummy and nice I don't have to do anything other than laundry today.  My son and I will head on over there late this sisters and their families will be there too and we haven't hung out together since the birthday celebrations for niece/mom in January.  It will be great to see them!

Happy St. Patrick's day, all.  Hope you can spend time doing something that makes you happy.

Sherry :o)


  1. Love seeing your quilt in progress. Love the colors, and can't wait to see more! You must be tired after that trade show at work. Sounds like a whole lot of work! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  2. Your quilt squares look great and I can't wait to see the red added in. The guild auction was fun and I know whomever got your project bags was thrilled with them!

  3. Your quilt blocks look lovely & I hope you've recovered from the Trade show


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