Sunday, February 24, 2013

I've been up to...

Well, the quilting retreat was phenomenal, to say the least.  Unfortunately, I don't have progress pics to post since I haven't done much with what I worked on, not even unpacking!  Hopefully by next post, I will be better prepared.

I have also been working on a Christmas present for my exchange so I can't show that...

But I have made progress on both Marigold Lane (Pineberry Lane) and A Maryland Inspiration (Heart's Ease)...see!

A little progress...

 Love the marigolds!

A bit of progress on this one:

 These motifs were a bitch to do - hope the language doesn't offend.  But it's more than true.  There's only three more on the other side - yeah!
 Over one flower.  So sweet. 
 And as I mentioned in my last post, not so sure about the colors - check out the peacock...he's a bit bright.  I may have to tone him down with a different set of blues.  I will put in more around him and then decide.
I have done a bit of sewing too.  Remember I mentioned I joined the Jo Morton Club - #12.  Here is my attempt at the first project. 

We meet again in a couple weeks and  I wanted to have something done.  I have the 30 squares together, have to square them up - they are piled here under two to show you.  I hope to have more done next weekend too.

Kindred Spirits meets in two weeks too.  It's our annual fund raiser auction.   These project bags are in progress for part of my donation to be auctioned off.  Have to stitch the binding.

Been busy playing too.  I finally caved and am not a Kindle owner.  I read one of the free books (you can borrow one book a month for free) in just a couple days.  The Bearded Lady by Mara Altman.  It was pretty funny! 

So off to stitch and finish up folding the laundry.  Thanks to all who have stopped by - I love the comments and try to answer all, but I think I have missed a couple lately.  Have a great week...stitch lots! 

Sherry :0)


  1. Both your pieces are so beautiful! Wow! The marigolds really are beautiful, and I love Maryland Inspiration! Great progress on the Jo Morton club too!

  2. Wow! Great progress. I kinda like your peacock. He seems quite proud to wear that color.

  3. Nice progress on your WIPs! I love those marigolds.

  4. Oh, I sure do love your Marigolds in the Pineberry Lane piece. I've looked and looked at that pattern!

  5. You have some great projects going on Sherry!! Those project backs looks great and I'm sure that someone will make a good bid on them!!! Love that Joe Morton Club too. I wish that I had signed up for one of them!

  6. Your wips are looking gorgeous Sherry, love the marigolds

  7. Lovely work, Sherry! Sadly, I bought into the tablet business and now CANNOT make it without my iPad :-/ oh well, that's the price of progress, I guess, LOL!


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