Thursday, October 11, 2012

Quick Update...and "as they are today"

There it is - framed.  I love it!  The lady who retrieved it from the back asked me how old this was... funny is that - I tea/coffee dyed this all by myself.  

I Wait for the Lord by Hands To Work.  My summer Olympic stitching piece.  Hanging on my wall - it's a bit too high (replaced a long, narrow piece) but I plan on putting a couple different things up here and don't want to "rearrange" the nail holes until I have the others framed.  And that makes my husband happy.

So this weekend I go to "camp" sponsored by one of my LNS.  Camp is not that far from my house - about an hour...but it will take me and two of my buddies a couple hours to get there.  Stopping at the LNS and a couple quilting shops.  Here is a portion of projects I am taking:

Have to fill in lots of steps!  But see the doggie all in his pink glory.

Sorry for that crappy pic - wrinkled and darkish.

This give you an idea where I am - hopefully I will have tons 'o progress. 

Have a good weekend all - hope to catch up with your blog soon - I've been having back issues again and some other yuck going on...I need this weekend away to regroup.   See you soon!!

Stitch lots - Sherry :0)


  1. Have a great time at camp! Love seeing your framed piece -- very pretty! Love all your WIPs you're taking as well. Want to see more of the Shakespeare's Peddler piece!

  2. Congratulations on your finish!! It really looks great. I take it that you're probably going to Camp-Stitch-A-Lot? Is this the weekend for it? I always think that I'll try to go one year and then I never do. I hope that you have a great time!!

  3. Hope you are feeling better. Lovel your projects!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous framed piece, you did a great job aging/antiquing it. Have fun at your stitching camp.

  5. Great framing, I hope you had a great time at camp


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