Monday, September 3, 2012

Two Finishes!!! And progress too!

I finished this one this Friday evening.  Started just before the Olympics.  It's I Wait for the Lord   by Hands To Work.  The linen - I took from an old project that was never going to be done, over five skeins of WDW "Baked Apple" and ta-da...done.  Now to get it to the framer. 
This one gave me fits.  I tried different colors, different stitches (one thread, two threads and finally deciding on the first leg of the cross with one and then the second leg with two - double times through since the fiber is overdyed).  Yes, that means I took extra stitches, but I thought it looked better than the other two choices.  I did a lot of ripping on this one, even to the very end.  Right to the very last row!  I think it should say "patience" instead of "hope".
Finished this one this weekend too - Margaret Cottam by La-D-Da.  I didn't change a fiber on this one - it has WDW "Baked Apple" too on the most beautiful cocoa linen (also called for)!  I did put my name on the sampler as I am not so much in the 'gotta do it exact' reproduction,  just close.  Loved this one. 

Sorry the pictures are not super - took them when finished each night instead of waiting for the sun - plus it's hot outside, and humid, and yucky.  I am happy it's September and that autumn is just around the corner. 

Started Strawberry Hill but didn't have enough progress to post yet.  Next time ;-)

I received a surprise in the mail Saturday.  Part III of the Lizzie*Kate Mystery Sampler.  Now just to get the fiber pack and I will be starting this cute, fun stitch!

Read a bit this weekend too - needed to stretch out after all the stitching and sewing.

And progress, you ask, as hinted in the titled - well years ago I took my first formal quilt class.  I decided on pinks and browns, yummy fabric.  It's called Nancy's Fancy, nine squares.  I had a complete one done prior to the one day retreat in August.  I left there with only five and one half to go.  What's the big deal some may ask - it's only nine squares...each square is about 100 pieces.  Yikes - what was I thinking?  But she is beautiful.  And I have to get a dent in this before starting any of my new batiks (my rule)!
Since it's a three day weekend, since my child is gone most of this three day weekend and since my husband worked all but Saturday - I took advantage - I sewed for about four hours yesterday.  I have three left to make.  It takes about one hour to assemble each square.  The only thing done for each square is the half-square triangles and the lay out - so, to sew rows, then rows to rows to equal four and then each four to make eight.  That will be progress. 

So up I go - here it is 2:30 on Monday afternoon - Tiger game on, dishes done, laundry done, emails and blog reading caught up, emails out to batik places in search of my fabric done, meal prep for the week (what I can do ahead) done, I need to shower and then plop my fanny into the chair and make pretty with the sewing machine. I am hoping to knock out the other three squares today.   I will let you know


I will leave you with a final picture - still searching - madly - for this batik.  I just have to have it for the back of my top posted last week!

Hope you have done some fun things this weekend....have a great week.

Stitches and hugs,
Sherry :0)


  1. Those extra stitches were well worth it Sherry. Your finish is just perfect!! And I still have to start on my Cottam sampler. Don't I have until next June? I'm hoping so - but that will mean that I might have it finished in December 2013. LOL

    And did you try Sew Elegant for that fabric. They are like the graveyard for fabrics and they just may have that batik. I've been known to find fabrics 10 years old there. They're in Port Huron.

    Sounds like you made great use of your quiet time yesterday. Mine starts tomorrow - I can hardly wait!!

  2. Both pieces are really awesome. And how fast you stitched "I wait for the Lord". Not to worry about the pix....we can appreciate the work!

  3. Beautiful finishes, Sherry! I can't believe how quickly you finished I Wait for the Lord, especially doing all those extra stitches. YGG! It looks beautiful. I love Margaret Cottam, too. I have her all kitted and ready to go for a 1 Jan start and hope to finish it by the guild deadline. OMG, so many projects at once I am already feeling stressed!
    Be sure to bring both pieces to guild so that I can see those beauties in person!

  4. Both finishes are wonderful. I just love Margaret. The border is lovely.

  5. Beautiful finishes! The new Lizzie Kate looks great -- I have a feeling I'll regret not signing up for that. Good luck finding that batik. It's so pretty!

  6. Hi Sherry!

    I'm a New Follower. Can't remember how I got here but I'm glad I did :)

    Lovely finishes - cannot wait to see more :)


  7. Congratulations on the finishes, they are both gorgeous


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