Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day - no update pics yet - soon, tho

Well, I have no pictures - just wanted to say for those here in the U.S. - Have a wonderful, safe Labor Day....I did get some quilting done, some stitching done and have dinner in the crock pot, cake in the oven and as soon as I finish another chore or two, I am going to stitch my day off away! Check back soon for progress pictures.

Have a great first day back, for all those students who are returning to school. My son will be a senior tomorrow - yikes! And YIPPEE!!

Hi to my new followers - I have picked up a couple's been almost six months since I started blogging and it has produced new friendships, new stitching projects and is much more fun than I imagined. Thanks to ALL of you who check in to see what's going on in my life every so often - I actually think some of it is rather boring...but I do like it that way sometimes...

Til next time - stitch happy (or quilt happy)....



  1. Happy Labor Day to you too, Sherry! I hope you got lots of stitching in today. Your son is a senior -- mine is a junior. :D It's amazing how the time passes, isn't it?


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