Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ahh Sunday - Ahh Autumn!!

Greetings everyone!!

I know, the title is forgetting that summer always rears it's hot head again in September or October here in Michigan...but we are starting to have the tease of our next season; autumn is my favorite time of year so I am welcoming it with open arms! I picked up some Macintosh and honey crisp apples at farmer's market (more on that later) and am going to the orchard next weekend for other varieties. Always a sure sign Autumn is near!!

My banner shot is one of my many, many Halloween items. I finished this late last year and love it. It's from Raise the Roof, I believe. Isn't it sweet?

Before I get into what's going on in my silly life, I wanted to say THANKS for those who have taken the time to comment on my blog - your comments make me smile and I love to hear that people actually read my babbles...A couple I forgot to address with my last post (it was so long anyway):
  • Welcome to Madame Samm. I am glad I could pass on the flower frog quest. I wish it was my idea to use them for scissors, but I have seen it from many people - both blog or in person. The search took me a bit for the frog itself (received my first from Jennifer), then it seems I have found many more - maybe it took just one for the flower frog karma to hit me...and the bases take a bit of time to find, but it is fun to search. Good luck!
  • Siobhan - It's nice to know others experience the same things, isn't it? I hope your daughter is enjoying her internship. I really know what you mean about most interns not paying - that's how mine was oh, so many years ago. And I agree - sometimes that dreaded basting is a necessary evil!
  • Diane - thanks for the thoughts on the JJ petites. I am still using them on a couple pieces to "test" whether or not I like far, they are taking a little getting used to but they are easier (for me) to do the sewing method with, when stitching in q-snaps.

Okay on to the pics...I spent Friday evening with my bff Mary. I am fortunate to have two LNS within one hour - we went to the one closer to her that sponsors a stitch-in evening once a month. When I arrived at Mary's, she presented me with a project case. Eons ago, I gave her some of my matching fabric for my basket - remember it from a precious post?

It is a basket designed by a member of Kindred Spirits Sampler Guild. I changed it up a bit, and have plans to work on the smalls inside - some are basted, just not stitched yet. I love the rich color of the browns and reds in my lining fabric...don't you? Well Mary took some of my fabrics and when I arrived Friday, gave me this:

Doesn't it look great in there - now on to the smalls! I think that may be a goal to complete by the end of this year - I have only one done - the biscornu...stitching them will be the easy part but the finish/finishing will be the challenge...

Here's a shot of it opened up. Two pockets are on the top portion, with a buttoned pocket on the bottom. I love it - thanks so much Mary!

While at the Friday night gathering, the shop owner puts all attendees' names in a basket and draws one for a prize - I won. I received this scissor case kit - isn't it sweet? How lucky was I Friday night - friends, good potluck food including cookies and a prize.
I enhanced my stash with one pattern - I also pickup some fibers but didn't photo...the pattern is the snow globe. I thought it would make a great ornament. The wool didn't show up that great in this photo. It's felted wool I picked up to do as a quick finish. I plan on working on it today (actually starting it) and this week so stay tuned and I'll take pics of my progress... The other book in the photo was a recent purchase for my library. It is a great resource book for sampler motifs and alphabets! My friend Peg ordered them for a bunch of us in the group I hang with - thanks for the legwork, Peg...I love my book!
Back to the apple crisp - DH and I had BLT's last night with what is probably my last better boy tomato...and they were delicious! I still have other varieties of 'maters coming in - yum! So the macs I picked up at farmer's market were chanting to be made into a crisp - while baking, the smell took away the bacon smell that permeated the house. Why do certain things taste so yummy, but the smell lingers and doesn't smell so good later? Off track again-back to the crisp- put a bit of vanilla ice cream, still warm from the oven and can you say "yum"! It certainly tastes best in the season, doesn't it?
Here's my BBD progress....gotta give equal time to the other house. Maybe will do some on that today too...boy, the list is growing, as I want to square up my nephew's quilt and get the backing complete so I can drop it off next weekend. Plans were to do that this weekend...

So, time to get the last laundry shifted to the dryer (and folded later) and stir the chicken noodle soup already in the crock pot...then maybe stitch a bit before a shower. Once I work on the quilt today, I need to run to JoAnns for the batting...Happy Sunday! Have a good week...
Stitch with a happy heart,


  1. Love your Halloween finish! And your basket with the lovely piece Mary made for you -- how wonderful! Love your prize from the drawing -- and your stash too! Your BBD progress is looking good! Now can I have some of that crisp? lol!

  2. Love your header piece - very cute! And all those other goodies are fantastic!
    Hhmmmm...warm apple crisp sounds really, really good - especially with ice cream!

  3. Great pieces, Sherry! And that apple crisp looks so yummmm!!!!

  4. Your basket is gorgeous! That apple crisp just speaks fall. It looks yummy!!

  5. What a great gift from Mary, it looks great in your basket. Your BBD house is looking lovely and the apple crisp looks yum

  6. Your basket with the smalls is FANTASTIC! How neat! Mary did a great job, too. Your BBD house looks great! Apple crisp... yumm! I miss going to the apple orchards in Pennsylvania and Delaware and picking bushels of apples and making crisps and pies and so on. YUM-O!

  7. Looove that basket!! And all the goodies inside!

    Nice progress on your house, too! I just love those BBD pieces!

    Why oh why did you have to post the appley goodness pic? Now I am craving apple crisp, lol!

    I hope you have a great week!

  8. Great basket. Apple crisp, another sign of Fall..yummy. Wish we could get honey crisp apples here! You have a great week too!


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