Friday, December 27, 2013

Belated Merry Christmas & Wishes For A Blessed 2014!!

The Saturday before Christmas brought my area of Michigan a tiny bit of ice.  It was very pretty in the morning....but sure put a tiggle (yes, made up word), in the Christmas prep errands.  After switching up the schedule a bit, I enjoyed looking at the pretty ice - it was gone by mid-afternoon and then came the slush!  Remember the rosebush this summer in all it's glory - I think it is equally as pretty iced up :o)

A shot of my tree out front -
Earlier this month, I enjoyed dinner with the bestest friends in the universe!  The dozen of us shared a meal, drinks and beautiful, stunning gifts; we draw names each year.   Robin was my person this year - I gave her this (along with coffee and chocolate - not photographed):
I can't remember the pattern or designer...I borrowed it from another in the group.  Sory about the reflection of the flash.  Robin has wanted this for awhile!

Remember the Jo Morton Club 2013 - well I did two of these - the other is screwed up a bit and I showed it earlier this year.  This one turned out nice...I knew Robin would like love it!

Pam's husband, Bill, made these floss holders...the acorn is oak and has beautiful grain!  We each received an acorn and our initial....thanks Bill!!  and Pam!  Such talent...
Janis drew my name.  I received this cool box - don't you just love boxes?  I have several from small to large and they all hold treasures.  The needle roll is wool and hand appliqued.  She did such nice job.  I also received the quilting ruler which will come in handy with all the miniature quilts I have been and will continue to make.  There was also chocolate but since some is already consumed, so I won't show a half empty box.
Here is a shot of the inside - it is filled with goodies, a snowman scissor minder, some Gingher thread nippers (their name - isn't that cool), needle threader and the center is a pin cushion - again, hand appliqued.  Certainly a treasure!
My family gathered for Christmas Eve celebrations with my sisters, their families and my mom.  Each year the sisters and their children pose for a snap on the stairs at my Mom's.  Then the grandchildren with my son is at the top right...

Then we usually do family photos in front of the fireplace, along with a shot of Mom and us girls...not the best pic but the best that was on my camera!  Sometimes it gets a bit hectic - four cameras, several shots.  But it's fun and interesting to look back at the older pics.  We have been doing the kiddos with us three girls since Olivia was born ... over 20 years of photos (she's next to my son at the top).
I couldn't resist a snap of the cheeseball I brought - we all take food - Mom supplies the meat usually and us girls do the balance of the meal - appetizers, meal, dessert.  We certainly don't starve and have plenty to send home with everyone.  This was a hit - the older gals snap-chatted it.  And it was delicious...yum.
We had a quiet Christmas day; just my husband, son, Mom and myself for dinner.  We opened presents in the morning (just me, husband and son).  Here is a shot of the tree - after presents...I think Santa was pretty good to us this year.

The Santa dog in the front was for our dog, Cody.  He sure was into Christmas this year - sniffing around in bags prior to being wrapped, sniffing under the tree and then on Christmas morning, trying to get on each person's lap as they were opening gifts.   
 He was wore out after the gifts...but didn't let his Santa dog stay under the tree for long. He will add it to all the babies pictured behind him in the corner.

So I had indicated I was starting my new job in the last post.  I now have been there a month.  I love the people and I think I will like my job.  I am incredibly overwhelmed (as I expected to be) and hope that within the next couple months I start to feel like I know even a fraction of what I am supposed to do.  I feel I made the right move - things just came together at the right time!  I joined the company just before the Christmas party and guess what, I won a Macy's gift card - they had many prizes and each employee who attended received a ticket for random drawings that took place throughout the party. 

I feel blessed to have the new job, a family that is fairly healthy and great friends.  I wish all of my blog buddies and followers a very Happy New Year.  May 2014 bring you all you wish for.

I will close with this picture.  My son and husband both received hats from Santa...yes, my husband loves the one he received - you squeeze the ball his hand is on and the arms fling out.  My son received the Carhart hat with the promise of a much needed, warm coat for work (he's a porter at a car dealership), promised by Santa...Mom & Dad will take him shopping to try on and pick out.
Happy New Year!  Happy Stitching - be sure to do something that makes you smile each day!!

Sherry :o)


  1. What a fun post full of lots of news and fun! Love seeing your family and also the lovely gifts. lol about your DH's hat -- so hysterical! I'm so happy you like your new job -- it sounds great! Happy 2014!

  2. Sounds like you all had a great Christmas. I hope 2014 is everything you want it to be


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