Wednesday, June 19, 2013

checking in...

Hi there...

It's been a bit of time since I updated ... again.  Seems like I have great intentions and then by the time I do the things that have to be done (bills, housework, work, errands) and then time to cruise your blogs and check out the Internet, I run out of time.  Or I have time but don't have any photos snapped and ready to post on the blog.  Oh well, here I am now. 

I was a bit late with my Mom's present for Mother's Day.  I had the top done but wasn't sure what back she would prefer.  I then did the quilting myself - not liking doing that at all.  In this pic the top thread is a bit shiny - it's not like that in person. 

 The fabric Mom picked out for the backing and the tag...
 Have done just a wee bit of shopping.  Picked up a couple things from my LNS's birthday sale and a couple things from a not-so LNS's moving sale. 
 This one had some interesting grapes, some cool flowers - couldn't resist.
 Have done some stitching on Ann Dale (Shakespeare's Peddler).
 Close up too.   This one is beautiful but she is giving me some fits.  The flowers outlined with the darker pink, grey inside...were supposed to be grey only. 
This is how that turned out - not liking!  So had to rechart AND restitch the above after ripping them out.  It's on the called for linen, called for silk. Ugh!
Have alternated that big sampler with another big sampler - A Maryland Inspiration (Heart's Ease Examplar),  This center motif is queen stitch - one of my favorites.
Here is a full pic...ignore the q-snaps.  I did have a bit of a lag in this one - the eight and the yellow flowers along the side were too light and I had to figure out a different color.  Besides that, not much changing things up.  The blue peacock is starting to grow on me.  Jury's still out on whether he will stay.  It's a nice stitch thus far.

While outside snapping the pics tonight, I was surrounded by such a sweet, floral smell - this is what I gaze at from my stitching chair.  So pretty!  

 When I decide to cut some, I don't even have to arrange in a vase - they grow in a bouquet. 

Hope all you Dad's had a great Father's Day.  My husband wished to go out to breakfast and then requested creamed potatoes and hot dogs for dinner - boy did we get off easy. (It's something his Mom made often and I don't make often). Our son joined us for most of the day.  Watched "Identity Thief".  It was fun and lighthearted for a Sunday afternoon.

Not much else going on quite a bit last month too - I read the "Dragon Tattoo" series.  Took me a bit to get into them, but once I did I went from one to another with no hesitation.

Hope you find time to do the things that make you smile and happy!  And as always, thanks for stopping by for a visit.
Sherry :o)


  1. Your present for your mom is so pretty! I always love that pattern -- I think of it as a basket. Love your stitching too. I've heard too often that Ann Dale has problems. I think the Attic has a list on its website or a link to a list of the errors. Love your Maryland piece too. The grapes are so sweet! What beautiful flowers out your window too!

  2. Lovely quilt for your Mum and your wips are looking gorgeous

    You got some great stash!


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