Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Happy 2013!  I hope all my blog buddies rang in the New Year as you, quiet - just like we like it.  I had to work New Year's Eve day but we were excused early - hubby and I went to lunch at Chilli's - had a drink (a rare occurrence for me) but it was a tough day with over three hours of phone hell help with my payroll software from Microsoft, only to fail in getting pr done for the normal day.  My son was home for awhile...we watched "Ted" with him - kind of a raunchy movie...My husband and I watched "Despicable Me" after - cute with a capital C!  I was asleep as 2013 crept in - but the fireworks in my neighborhood woke me up - wished the sleeping husband a HNY and back to sleep!  I spend New Year's Day reading - the second book in Deborah Harkness' All Souls Trilogy.  I think I blogged about A Discovery of Witches a bit back...well once I got a few chapters in, Shadow of Night did not disappoint.  I usually wait until all books are published when a series, but that this was a trilogy caught me by surprise....write fast, Ms. Harkness!

Okay - so I put in my last post that I had intended on giving a post around Christmas, in which I was going to post quite a few warning - picture heavy.  I will put in the stitchy pics first, that way you can jump ship before the other blathering if you wish.

I had a absolutely awesome evening with my stitching group of friends.  Boy, I tell you, these ladies are the best friends anyone could ask for and I am so thankful to have them in my life.  We draw names (among the local gals) for a Christmas exchange.  This year I drew Tina's name.  I did the below for her - the scissor fob I made up based on the outside design of the needle/thread book. 
It was designed by The Purple Thread - Close to My Heart - I adapted it to a needle book/floss holder.  The large strawberry is also by TPT.  I had intended it to be the scissor fob but it was larger than I imagined.  I changed up the colors to match each other.  My finishing skills were once again tested big time!
I made a project bag too.  It is BBD Blueberry Crumble fabric - and I thought it was perfect for Tina.  I also included a pin cushion I bought from Blue Ribbon Designs - same fabric.  Add that to a dish I picked up from a local antique store with candlewick edging - Tina collects; you can imagine I was more than thrilled to hear she didn't have this particular dish in her collection.
A close up of the pin cushion with fancy pins and the project bag - lining and outside.  I love this fabric.I made a practice one for myself out of the brown shades of this fabric,

Mary drew my name.  This box is what greeted me upon my turn to open.  I love these types of boxes, don't you?
Inside was this gorgeous Mondo Bag she made from some luscious batiks.  It is a nice size bag, pockets inside.  YUM! 
Some other goodies in my box, a stack of purplish fabrics, the sampler version of micro cloths that clean your glasses/screens, a tiny rabbit floss holder, a notebook.  The square charm in the middle is from Paulette.  The stitched item at the top (attached to the fabric under my goodies) is the inside of...

Recognize this gorgeous piece of stitching?  It's the pattern I acquired and posted a month or two ago - I don't have to stitch or finish it now!  How stunning is this?  I have it in my bag holding all the misc. items in one of the samplers I just started (more on that in a bit).

I've mentioned Pam's husband, Bill, before.   Well they outdid themselves again and gave us each these:
Aren't they sweet?  They are already in use with one of my new starts.  Thanks Bill & Pam - so cool! 

You still there?  I have some more stitchy related items...I picked up a couple items at my LNS when she was having some sales in December.  HAD to make a visit when my linen for one of my samplers came in, so I picked up my items they had stashed for me.
SB Grateful Hearts - started before Christmas and not much progress to post - but...ta-dah!

The Purple Thread - another strawberry like I did for Tina - finished this over the Christmas holiday...not finish/finished yet.  My final 2012 stitch finish.

What have I been working on since - not much since I was reading.  But I did start Maryland Inspiration by Heart's Ease Examplar Workes.  This sampler is beautiful (the linen I picked up near Christmas).  Don't have much to show - but don't you love this border?

How about those knot balls too - aren't they attractive!

And last night, first I have picked up a needle since the new year appeared, I started Ann Dale by Shakespeare's Peddler.  Again, not much to show, but I love how quickly this portion went so far.  Colors are delicious!

Yes, I think I am a little nuts starting two big BIG samplers at one time, but I just couldn't resist.  And after all, life is too short.

Okay, stitchy stuff done.  Christmas Eve at my Mom's we finally had a bit of snow.  So pretty!
I received a present from my niece.  She gave my mom and sister (her other aunt) a picture - both nicely done!  I, however, received a piece of clay work.  We are always teasing each other and she wanted me to have her teasing me always.  I was honored she chose to give me this! 
I can't remember if I mentioned and I am too set on getting this posted to go back and check, but my son moved back home a week before Christmas - the best Christmas present I could wish for. I sure missed him. And I know, he's not around much, but I love to have him at home periodically. I am not the only one who is thrilled he's home either - the dog won't leave him alone.

Christmas morning was nice...presents abound.  Santa had made an appearance.
The dog was very interested in the stocking stuffers and wanted in the action.  Perhaps he knew Santa left him a goodie or two.  
 Tshirt that was on the wish list of the child's!
I leave you with my reindeer table (all joke gifts from my Mom over the years)....thankfully as I type this morning, all undecorating is done, boxes have been hauled downstairs and just need to be put on the shelf.  Dusting, vacuuming done - working on laundry this morning and getting ready to put needle to thread. 

Again - Happy New Year...hi to the new followers, hi to those who have been around for awhile.  I am so thankful for the friends I have made through this blog - it is so fun to see what you are working on, what you covet and collect and to hear about your adventures near and far. 

Sherry :o)


  1. Wow! Wonderful gifts made, given and received! Loved seeing everything! Love all your reindeer too! :D

  2. Fantastic gifts given and received! And wow, talk about a high standard gift exchange with your friends! I'd love to join, but I'd be the one laughing while I took a beautiful gift and gave somebody a stapled ornament in return. LOL

    I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying the second Harkness book. I've heard some so-so reviews of it and so have held off.

    Happy new year to you & yours!

  3. Oh Sherry, what beautiful, wonderful pics! I'm so glad you had a great Christmas and a New Years that sounds peaceful. I'm glad your son is home for a while. Those boys, no matter how big they are, sure leave holes in our hearts when they aren't around for random hugs. I can't wait to see what pretties you're sure to be stitching in 2013! :)

  4. Glad you had a good Christmas

    The gifts you exchanged were gorgeous and your wips are looking lovely


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