Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's a long one!!

I will start with the stitchy/quilty news - that way if you want to bail, you can.  Lots of pics too...

So I last left you hanging as I was getting ready to go to a stitch camp weekend with my buddies.  So this was the cart, entering the hotel...for two nights only - pile of mostly stitching for three people, for the most part.  We had already unloaded some of our bags. 
Great fun was had! We shopped our way to the hotel which is less than an hour from my house. After the three of us gathered, we hit three quilt shops, I think, and also a stop at the shop sponsoring the weekend. And of course, we had lunch in between - have to sustain ourselves!
This is the stash enhancement made to the fabric part of my world.  A Halloweel kit, some Halloween fabric.  Tiny charm packs - Three Sisters "Double Chocolate" which were too, too cute to pass up.  I also picked up two different Christmas fabrics and of course, batiks.

This is the stash enhancement made to my stitching world.   I picked up some of the new Crescent Color and Weeks Dye Works.  LIttle HOuse Needleworks Tree Farm, The Purple Thread is the black & white kit on the right and the bigger in the back - called Pink Lemonade.  It's a needlebook/roll and accessories in a box with ribbons in which to store them.   I've had my eye on that one awhile so it was time.  Another sweet pair of scissors.  The kit to the far let is a Halloween notebook, given to us by the LNS in our goodie bag.  Also received the "S" domino necklace as a giftie from LNS.  I purchased the domino (black with tree) from the gal who came to do our giftie.  I am going to use it as a scissor fob.  And yes, that is French General fabric you see in the middle.  Picked it up from one of the quilt stores - small zipper bag.  It was just too cute to pass up.  I also picked up a bit or my Christmas exchange but can't show that yet.

Now for the progress made that weekend:

Lizzie-Kate - Mystery Sampler....
 Not much progress made on this one!

Elizabeth Mary Gandey by Shakesphere Peddler.  I made progress on this one - steps -check!  Only have the border to complete now and then a small something or another in the middle by my name.  Oh yeah, and the trees to the left of the church.  When it's finished, I will post some close-up photos for you.
Strawberry Hill by With Thy Needle & Thread - progress made!  This represents about one-half of the box top.  Plus a little over half the house.
Another little something added to my stash - Chessie & Me's Joy To Ewe.  The sheep needs to have his fur stitched - french knots.  Once done, I will make this cutie into an ornament.
I also picked up this cutie for my Halloween collection - will it be done by Wednesday - I think not...nor will the L*K one above - but there's always next year, right!!  I do have the cat stitched on this, but certainly not enough to show off .  I may have to take the cat out and redo - stitched it last night watching the world series...'nother story there - see below.  Tension in my stitching  just a wee bit tight.

So this morning, I was filling out my absentee ballot and pondering the upcoming events for the day while enjoying my iced coffee (in an ugly insulated glass) and a pumpkin bagel with honey-nut cream cheese.  Yum....
Later today Iwill hand out the pretzel rods covered with chocolate mummies to my nieces and nephews.  I made these for them (along with some of the immediate neighbors who will be begging for treats Wednesday).  Took me 'freaking' forever last week...but they are cute!

We then carved pumpkins (my sisters and I - along with families) have always gathered for this event annualy since my son was born - kinda evolved to include my dad (who carved pumpkins with me even ater I was an adult) and my mom.  Couple were missing this year - oldest niece is away at school and oldest nephew had a high school play.  The left two gals are nieces - my son is the tall one, not smiling so much, other two are nephew and the youngest niece.  My pumpkin is the fourth from the left - always a hack job!  My son's pumpkin will be living here for Wednesday too, as he will be working.  I get about 400 beggers - used to be a bit higher but quite a few are my son's age and older... I live in a pretty big sub and the surrounding "country" areas come where the houses are closer.  I love it!

I took these, plus gouhl-lash to eat.  The skeleton removes his head and sings a verison of the "hokey-pokey" a.k.a. "hocus-pocus" and shakes...he also glows in the dark.  The wine - has some spices and is served room tempurature or heated.  It was quite tastey.  It's a potluck and I really ate too much.

So a couple other updating things - my back, as it turns out, is most likely sciatic.  Thank goodness it's not the virus I had last year - which made the back surgery necessary.  I am back in physical therapy.  Yuck and Yeah - yuck cuz it's not fun, costs copays and is painful.  Yeah cuz it's helping, so far.

I have a new phone - taking me some time to learn the sucker.  It's a Motorola Droid - Razor Maxx.  It's taking me some lessons from my son - WHO moved out a little over two weeks ago.  I agree with so many others - empty nest is not easy.  It's okay, but not easy.   I really, really miss him.  He has been working afternoons for so long and with that and school and me working days, I didn't see him a lot but I still saw him.  I do hear from him at least every other day.  I simply text "hi" and get same back - that's it...but it's something.

So what the heck is going on with the Tigers?  I watched them SWEEP the Yankees a couple weeks ago.  Thought they had shot at winning the World Series.  Tonight, as I type, they are loosing game 4 to the SF Giants.  I remember when they won in '84, not so much the '68 series as I was pretty young...but I heard about it alot.  My Grandpa and Dad are/were huge Tiger fans. Until his passing, I took my Dad to at least one game a year (from the age of 12, with babysitting $$).  It's always bittersweet to watch them now - I miss my Dad - so about a little heavenly help...Go Tigers!  I am still believeing you can win this one!   Update - while proofing Tigers scored 2 runs and are now in the lead - but it is only the 4th inning.  Those fans have got to be cold - 42*.  And thanks Dad - keep sending the power to win this one!!

Well if I want to stitch a bit, I better get to it.  Happy Halloween everyone!  I will try to do a shorter post soon - when I wait so long between I have so much to tell you.  Welcome to new followers and welcome back to everyone else.  Spellchecker not working tonight so I hope I caught all of the errors. 

Stitch lots -
Sherry :0)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Quick Update...and "as they are today"

There it is - framed.  I love it!  The lady who retrieved it from the back asked me how old this was... funny is that - I tea/coffee dyed this all by myself.  

I Wait for the Lord by Hands To Work.  My summer Olympic stitching piece.  Hanging on my wall - it's a bit too high (replaced a long, narrow piece) but I plan on putting a couple different things up here and don't want to "rearrange" the nail holes until I have the others framed.  And that makes my husband happy.

So this weekend I go to "camp" sponsored by one of my LNS.  Camp is not that far from my house - about an hour...but it will take me and two of my buddies a couple hours to get there.  Stopping at the LNS and a couple quilting shops.  Here is a portion of projects I am taking:

Have to fill in lots of steps!  But see the doggie all in his pink glory.

Sorry for that crappy pic - wrinkled and darkish.

This give you an idea where I am - hopefully I will have tons 'o progress. 

Have a good weekend all - hope to catch up with your blog soon - I've been having back issues again and some other yuck going on...I need this weekend away to regroup.   See you soon!!

Stitch lots - Sherry :0)