Sunday, May 20, 2012

I can never think of a title!! SO - LIFE LATELY...

Isn't this one beautiful...I can't wait to start this one.  My linen is on back worries though, I have plenty to keep me busy until it arrives...It's The Coverlet House by The Scarlett House.  I am planning on doing the top version.  It's different, not the ordinary with using the linen for the background. 
 This was such a fun and QUICK stitch.  Summer, Needlework Press freebie...from The Attic with a recent order.  Used Belle Soie "tulip" and a random piece of linen I found in a deep, deep dresser drawer in my sewing studio...tried to just use up some stash with this one.  I will do this one again.
Although a little muggy for my taste, it was a beautiful weekend here in Michigan.  I made some sun tea and also tried my hand (with a more concentrated tea) at hand dying some linen from that aforementioned bottomless drawer.  I am going to give it a day...think on it, but they may need a bit more or maybe coffee.  I have plans for that big piece.  The freebie above came with Hands To Work's I Wait for the Lord.  I am waiting until I get the fabric color just right and then  I will pick out some fiber.
While outside snapping some pics, I took this of a very out-of-control rose bush.  Wow, do I need to get the clippers out and hack trim away, nicely.
Think I need to cut some rhubarb and make something delicious!  I really don't have a green thumb and do not like to garden...but this rosebush and rhubarb love to live here; they make it easy.
Picked this luscious fabric up last week when shopping for a birthday "yard".  My friends and I are exchanging one yard of fabric on our birthdays...of course this one had to come home with me.  Dang, it's beautiful!  I also picked up the batik fabric that is in my new header picture...prompting a background change - I am such a non-techie kinda gal...took me much longer than planned!  Hope the bright sherbet orange doesn't blind anyone - may want to get your sunglasses out.  I thought it looked very summery.

Once I figure out how to get this big a** piece of linen on the scroll rods, I will begin Ann Dale.  This could be a lifetime project.
I received a "charlie brown" tree for Christmas this was missing the Linus blanket tree skirt.  I stumbled upon this fabric yesterday.  So I will do a two sided like the blanket but I couldn't resist the characters for the other side.  (It really is a CB tree - has Snoopy on the box, criss-cross board and one red ball ornament.)

 And this - isn't it hilarious!!  My boys (hubby and son) love peeps.  I will use this on an Easter themed pillow - stitched.  Funny and sweet - pun intended!  It was the last fat quarter in the shop - wish they had more and in yellow.
I am taking a quilt class in June.  I can't remember who created it, but the pattern is Marmalade & Jam.  I'll check the pattern later for the name.  This is my selection of fabrics.  Some from stash, some from store.  Did a bit of cutting tonight.  It will be fun and is filled with several different squares - some old to me, some new. 
Had a great Mother's Day - my son made me french toast for breakfast.  He even cleaned the kitchen.  We then spend the rest of the day at my Mom's.  We missed doing our annual Easter egg hunt this year, as my Mom was just getting home from the hospital at that point, so we did that.  My sisters and their families were also there.  After the egg hunt, we had a  simple dogs and hamburgers, corn on the cob, etc.  Made my son happy - first corn since's always better off the cob with your teeth than with a knife.  Don't loose any of the juicy goodness!  And my day didn't end when we came home; my son and I went to the movies - just the two of us!  We saw Dark Shadows which was pretty good.  It was funny in spots in a campy sort of way.  Both of us love Johnny Depp, but I still love him as Captain Jack Sparrow best.  It was really great to spend time with him - just him and me.  My husband work week starts on Sunday, so it was just us. 

This picture is at my Mom's.  I am thinking maybe I needed to do something more with my hair and some makeup...but it was a casual dinner.  Pretty good looking guy, I think.
Thanks for checking in with me...thanks for reading!  I am so amazed I keep getting followers.  Welcome to the new followers, thanks for coming back to the (dare I say) old followers!  Have a great week - hope you have some time off for Memorial Day next weekend.  I have Monday off - yippee - long weekend!!

Stitches and smiles,
Sherry :o)


  1. Lots of eye candy in your post! I see you're a batik kind of girl. I love batik fabrics! Can't wait to see the quilt you make. Love the freebie -- fun stitch, right? And the Coverlets -- I want to stitch that one too. I think I might do the reverse version too. Good luck with Ann Dale -- and remember, there are tons of mistakes in the chart. I think there's a group online somewhere that has them all listed, but I can't remember the name.

  2. ps: love the pic of you and your guy!

  3. Wonderful post Sherry!
    I love the freebie and the color you chose to stitch it in. The new Scarlet House Design is so great. I would be anxious to get the fabric so that I could start it.
    I love the color of your dyed linen.

    Have a great week!

  4. Lots of fun things in your post. That batik fabric is wonderful. A friend of mine is making a hexi quilt out of batiks and it's just stunning. Love your new projects and I have to agree that Ann Dale will probably be a long project. I have her too and love her, but haven't started it yet. There are a lot of mistakes for that pattern - do you have the corrections.

    It's great that you got to spend some time with your son. As they get older, time with them is rarer, but more precious.

    And hasn't this weather been something else - 80's and we still have a month until it's officially summer. I can do without the humidity, but love the warmth. Hope to see you soon at Guild.

  5. Love that peep fabric! Too cute. I have trouble thinking of titles too so I'm not very creative. Ann Dale looks like a beautiful project. How nice you got to spend time with your son.

  6. Cute finish and you have some great projects lined up

    Great photo of you & your boy

  7. Lots going on for your post. It was fun reading. Have to drool over the fabrics. One can never have too many. Love the peeps! I will be on a search for that one. Happy stitching.


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