Sunday, November 13, 2011


So I finally went back to work...full-time...first week was four days and then I have done two weeks of 40 h0urs. I was physically and mentally exhausted the first week. The second week more mentally exhausted than physical, but still kind of equal. Then last week I was much better physically but lots of overwhelming lists are starting to occupy my office. I am a list maker and normally that makes me feel much better...not when there are lists of lists - LOL!!

Anyway - these are a couple of oldies but goodies from my stash of things I display this time of year. I have a frame I swap out seasonal pictures and this is up for the month. I believe it's The Trilogy. I haven't finish-finished this one - I can't remember if I showed it last year - I think it's "Stackable" by Chessie & Me.

So not much to publish, not too much to report. I have some holiday stuff I will post soon. I finished the Christmas pocket and will put a pic up soon....I have stitched a bit and will snap a photo soon.

Sorry for the short and lack-luster posting. Hope you are stitching up a storm!




  1. Love the turkey on the Trilogy piece! And, the "Stackable" piece is too cute!

  2. I hope your work routine gets easier as time goes on. Love the stitching -- very cute!

  3. Very nice piece by the Trilogy. Hope the work schedule gets easier.

  4. Hope you are well and life is easier. Nice stitching. Need to find my mojo stitching.

  5. Hope you're getting your work and home lives a little more in balance and that you're getting some stitching time.

  6. Hey, every stitch crossed is a stitch in the right direction! I hope you're able to get into the swing of things soon. :)


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