Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stay Tuned

So today is the day of finishing. I have done a tiny bit of finishing over the past week...but the plan is to get it going today! Hopefully that will happen - that was the plan last week too, but you know how that goes sometimes...

Yesterday was the day of kitchen stuff...after breakfast out with my husband and grocery shopping, I made another sour cream coffee cake - yep, another sour cream about to go out of code... Then I made a butterscotch pie - my Aunt has always made the best, so I asked for her recipe when we were up north a couple weeks ago. It is awesome' dark brown sugar, milk and butter...topped with heavy cream, freshly whipped. Yikes! Good thing my son's friend was over for dinner to have a big piece so there's less left to have calling my name.

Sad, sad, sad...Tigers fell to the Rangers, who kicked butt last night. I guess since I am an American League gal, I will now have to cheer the Rangers on once the World Series begins. That being said, what a great season to be a Tiger and we'll get 'em in 2012!!!

Pictures and progress soon - so stay tuned!

Do something that makes you smile today!
Sherry :)


  1. Oh fun! Looking forward to seeing what you accomplish! Love your header pic!

  2. Luv your header. Feeling your baseball pain!


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