Sunday, December 19, 2010

A few more ornaments

I had some more of my favorites I had to show for updates on everything else, see the post just previous this one - this is just ornaments on the tree. The mitten to the left is a Mill Hill kit from a couple years ago - it was a quick stitch.

This snow guy - his nose sticks out real far and I loved his tie. It too, a quick stitch from many years ago. I don't remember the designer since it was so long ago.
This silk ribbon stocking was from an ornament exchange years ago with the local EGA chapter. Unfortunately, I don't know the pattern for this one either but it's beautiful and one of my top favorites!

The knitted mitten is store bought - but I love that it fits perfectly in my tree of hand painted, hand stitched, mostly hand made ornaments!

Another of my mom's hand painted - I received this one the same year as the star in the previous post - but this has the church! Such an important part of this season for my son and I (although he may not agree at this point of his life)! He loves the Matrix Youth Group, but not so much the mass, itself. At least he stays involved and does continue with service projects and friends!

This last ornament is from my childhood. My Grandma was quite the knitter and did quite a bit of needlepoint on canvas - she always did up an ornament to give each of us (her children and grandchildren) with $$ for Christmas each year - this is one of mine that still is a top ornament. I think it's about 40 years old!!
I didn't take a pic of the candy cane I colored in kindergarten, laminated as a young adult - it hangs next to the same ornament my son made in kindergarten. The star on the top of our tree was my Great Grandparents - my Dad remembered it on their tree and I remember it on mine as a child. Don't you think decorating the tree brings back so many memories (hopefully all good) and is such a great chance to pass the history of your family on to your children!
Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by (again)!

Sherry :0)


  1. 2 whole posts to drool over! lol! Love all your ornaments! I also loved seeing the gifts you got at your party, and other goodies! Those pieces you made look wonderful too! And the quilt -- I bet your nephew loves it! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. I just love all those ornaments. I think that a tree decorated like this is much better than some of the ones I've seen. Each ornament holds a memory or just plan ole makes you smile. I got a smile out of the plastic canvas ornament. I used to make those years and years ago - before I discovered all the other crafty vices out there like quilting and xstitch.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Sherry!

  3. Hahaha I LOVE the snowman with the nose! Too cute!

  4. Beautiful ornaments! I have that litle snowman guy and he's even stitched! LOL

    Wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas.

  5. Hi, love your ornaments. Thanks for your comment to my blog. Hope you are enjoying the holidays!!
    Debbie, One Stitch Off


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