Sunday, August 8, 2010

All Kinds Of Updates...

First some stitching progress:

These are both BBD - first photo is Merry Christmas Ella Vaughn and the other - My Missouri Home; they are from the "Remember Me" series. The Kindred Spirits Sampler Guild I belong to has started a challenge project (runs June to June) and I couldn't decide which to do, so I decided to start both and then pick which one I like to work on the most and finish it. I will finish the other afterward; I'm thinking making pillows out of each of them. So far, so fun!

Some quilting progress:

This is what I chose to do last Sunday (so one more week avoiding finish/finishing) - I finished my husband's quilt - only had this fabric for oh, I don't know, about four or five years. The pattern is Yellow Brick Road (can't remember who it's by) and I've done this or variations of this several times now. I had to add a strip to the back since I added a row and of course, the fabric is no longer around in stores and I searched on-line all over the nation...but this worked and it is going to be cool (but not cool, working on a FLANNEL quilt in the summer) - what possessed me to do that! Won't necessarily work on the binding on this one until fall. It's off to the quilters as of Saturday morning - chose a cool leaf design as I thought it would go nicely! DH is is excited about this one and will live under it as soon as it's done, I'm sure.

Some stash enhancement:

Saturday while at the fabric store, I redeemed a store certificate for the roll of fabric - not sure what I'm going to do with it, but I do have a couple ideas - it's bright colors and batikish. Can't wait to do Pumpkins Three by La-D-Da. I have several of Lori M.'s patterns, several finished but not yet framed and several in them and this one is a must stitch! The linen and some of the fibers are for a Friendship Sampler I am starting with some awesome, talented friends soon (only purchased a couple of those and then matched some out of my stash - who'd have thunk I had enough of those LOL) ...and the other fibers, needed for my BBD pieces above.
So that's all the pics...

The rest of the story on my previous post Stay Tuned - well we had a nice day, a little less humidity so that made the art fair we attended much more bearable. Then did a little shopping as you can see and then out to dinner...really nice day with must me and my DH. We at at the Mexican restaurant by my LNS. Yum.

After our fun day, DH and I went Bella's (son's girlfriend) graduation party. Met her family and hung out there a bit. Now one thing I don't think I've shared, my husband loves to go out and antique, garage sale, shop and various other things...but he does not like parties so this was a nice treat to have him attend with me. I know it was important to my son, us to meet her family, and important to Bella. After her party, DH treated me to a Dairy Queen ice cream and we watched a movie together - didn't even pick up stitching, just didn't have the mind to.
Today was lots of stuff - couldn't sleep so I was up at a little after 5, did lots, and I mean LOTS of laundry - I did do it last week, I swear and how do three people make so much of it! Cut DH's hair (or shaved it really), paid the bills, balanced bank accounts, surfed around on the net a bit, put away stuff in the sewing room (whew, no wonder I'm tired tonight), made a delicious tomato/mozzarella/basil type salad for KSSG (mentioned above) as we had a potluck today for our meeting. It's always a fun meeting because there is such a diverse group that attends. When deciding whether or not to join KSSG a few years ago, I hesitated about the Sunday afternoon/once a month meeting, but it's well worth the once out of four of the Sundays a month...and the best benefit, most of the group of ladies I stitch with on a regular basis (some of the bestest friends I have) are also members.
Well, if I want to get in some serious stitching, I will quit rambling - thanks for hanging out with me and thanks for checking in once in awhile....hi to the new followers and hi to the regular followers - have a great week all! Me - hope work is productive and lots of home front stitching!

Stitch happy, Sherry


  1. Great progress on your new starts. I love the stash and plan to do the La D Da pattern in time to hang up for the fall.

  2. I love the quilts. The colors are stunning. Really good stash.

  3. Love your BBD wips. I've always pictured doing the Remember Me series in some way. Been collecting them for the purpose. Love that quilt! The backing came out great! Sometimes having to fudge something for a wider width makes the backing come out more fun! Great stash too! You're lucky your DH likes to do all the antiquing etc with you. :D

  4. Your new starts look lovely and your husbands quilt is gorgeous. Great new stash.

  5. Love the WIPs! Can't wait to see which one you choose! That quilt is wonderful, too! Have a great week!

  6. Love the WIPs and your new stash! The quilt--fabulous! Beautiful work.


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