Sunday, June 6, 2010

Let's start with the stitching stuff first...that way if you don't want to "listen" to my chatter, you can move on to the next blog you follow...Last evening while I waited up for my son to arrive home from his date (yes, he is officially dating, and has a girlfriend - yikes)...I started this. It's Alpha-Bits by Wild Heart Designs. I have admired it for years, as my bff started it a couple years ago. It's turning out to be a quick stitch, as each section is just a couple inches of speciality stitches under the old, regular cross letters. So far, so fun!

During the holiday weekend, I spent one afternoon watching the thunderstorms, stitched and caught a couple movies. I watched an older movie "Unforgettable" with Ray Liotta...good, but a little bizarre. I started the pumpkin stack and snowman...I guess I was just in the mood to start something new...still must be lingering since I started the first pic last night. Doesn't say much for what I am determined to finish - didn't even pick up my "Red Flower Sampler" - perhaps tonight!
I did add one more drink to this one last weekend too! I have been working on this one off and on for over a year. It's fun and not very difficult, so it's my "go to piece" when I am tired or want some non-thinking stitching.

I also did some quilting last weekend. I don't have any pics yet - still in the block construction phase, not much to show yet. I spent quite a bit of time working on that and some of the little bags I've done (see May 9th post - I haven't figured out how to do the link for that yet). I am doing them for some of my dearest friends this year for their birthdays...I am almost caught up. What a bonding experience this is for me with my sewing machine.

Last weekend was filled with gardening too. I spent time weeding all the flower beds and we planted tomatoes, yellow banana pepper, head lettuce and cukes....although the heavy rain blew apart my cuke plants this week. My peonies bloomed and while I was out taking pictures, the dog joined me - here is our Cody...starting to look a little gray. Peonies are always so pretty and remind me of my Grandma. They definitely are in the top list of my favorites - and this one seems particularly happy where it is planted as it always give me so many blooms.

Have a great week everyone - this will prove to be a very busy one in our household. I have a hair appointment on night, help study for exams with ds until he is finished with his last two Thursday. On Wednesday, my niece is playing in finals in our varsity girls lacrosse - her team won regionals yesterday and it was very exciting. I'm off to make up some posters to hold up at her game, while my ds attends a couple graduation parties. DH is sleeping so he can stay awake at work this evening...then to get a nice case of stitch-a** in my chair since I have all the bills up-to-date, laundry folded (I'll put it away later - think ds has his already in the drawers) and then some more quizzing on Brit Lit tonight....thanks for following my blog...the past three months of this have been fun and boy, I so see the progress I make (or not) with taking pics to show you! I appreciate comments, as they let me know you're checking up on me! Stitch lots, stitch happy!


  1. Lots of great stitching! Isn't it weird when your child gets a girl/boyfriend? lol!

  2. What a great, newsy post, Sherry! Great stitching! You've got a lot of fires going - GOOD FOR YOU!

    Your peonies are so pretty! I really do need to buy a few plants and get busy planting some for next year!

    Have a good week - school is almost out! Yeah!!!

  3. Super nice stitching going there.
    I love those photo booth designs, I have a couple to sitch up.
    Cody is a beauty

  4. Great stitchey post Sherry! Love your work. And the peonies...remind me of my Mom. Yours are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Nice stitching! Beautiful work. Your Cody is adorable!

  6. Great stitchy projects! Love the "It's 5:00 Somewhere" glasses. :)

    Oh my... a girlfriend?? I shudder whenever I hear about someone else's child being old enough for that, b/c that means mine will be old enough sometime, too. And let's just say... I think I'm going to have my hands full! I'm researching shot guns now. ;)

    Sounds like you've got a busy week! Hope it's going smoothly and well!!


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