Sunday, April 11, 2010

What a great day!

Found these beautiful plants in my garden...I love rediscovering the things coming up bleeding heart makes me remember my Dad - one of his favorite...I don't know what those purple things are, but they photographed nice!

The reason I was out there, taking a couple pics of stitching of late:

The Red Flower Sampler by Eileen Bennett. Took it at a Regional Meeting with my EGA chapter a couple years ago. Thought of it while listening to a sampler lecture today at my sampler guild. May stitch on it tonight when I'm done posting this...

Then started Jimgle all the Way by Amy Bruecken Designs last night. Wanted something that was quick, easy and not too complex. Plus I really, really wanted to start something...

These are two finishes I've is from 2004 but just finished the framing. It was a preface piece to a Bent Creek sampler I have not worked on for a couple years...gotta pull that one out too. And the other, it will be an ornament when it grows up. It's called "Snowflake Mitten" by Stone and Thread. Cute and quick!!

I love the detail in this frame - my mom is an artist and it's one I bought through her. I think it will look great on the wall!

Well, that's about all the news I have and pics I have to post now. Sorry for the spacing problems - been fighting with it for over an hour now and I want to it goes as is. Have a good week everyone and thanks for your comments, your encouragement and reading my posts!

Stitch happy!



  1. Great stitching and your flowers are just beautiful. I love the colors of spring.

    I hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. Great stitching Sherry! And great pictures of your plants too. Doesn't it seem like spring is just coming too soon in Michigan. Not that I'm complaining, of course, but it just seems really early.

    Love all your projects too. Do you get much stitching done at Guild? I try too, but never seem to get more than a few stitches in!

    Have a great week, Sherry!!

  3. Great job on your blog. Thanks for the information about EGA Isent my money in today When I called she said there was still openings so I hope I get in thanks again have a great week and hope to se you next month

  4. Nice progress on your stitching, Sherry! I love that red sampler--beautiful!

  5. Hey there my BFF!! I remember taking this class with you and how we both love this sampler. Was that the trip that I cut off the white truck in traffic by mistake and he stalked us throught the grocery store parking lot? Or was that another trip we took....

  6. First off, the pretty purple flowers are called grape-hyacinths and they multiply like crazy!! Have yours started doing that yet?? Beautiful stitching and the stocking is fun and quirky! Love it!! Smiles....


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