Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hi - checking in!!

A little shopping was done lately...
The "baked apple" week dye works  fibers are for the Hands to Work sampler.  The linen is on the scroll frame in the background...I tried several different fibers before deciding on this one.  Fiber just arrived this week and I haven't had any stitching time - hate when that happens!  The linen under the four NPS is for Coverlet House - have to start that too.  My local cross stitch shop had a sale, for their birthday, so I also ordered BBD's Wild Garden.  Love it!  Then I drooled some  over the new Quilt Sampler magazine, as I do every issue!  So many quilts to make...

Speaking of quiliting, here is the progress on my class, thus far.   Marmalade & Jam by Sweet Clover Canyon.  It's been fun, kind of hard in some spots and kind of easy in others.  My first ever "flying geese" in the forefront.  Half square triangle, half pinwheel and then a pinwheel.  Have some sewing homework again this weekend. 

 Remember the out of control rosebush from the last post - well it's growing and growing...didn't get to trim it this spring and now it's too pretty.  See the planter below the rose? 
Although I am NOT a gardener - lookie my basil!  We have been eating caprese salad - tomato (not quite Michigan yet - but from the farmer's market), mozzarella cheese, a little balsamic vinegar and my luscious basil!  Who knew I could grow it.  Can't wait for my own tomatoes. 
 So now a puzzle, mystery or brain stretch - I have this fat quarter.  I am using it in the Marmalade quilt.  It's by Laundry Basket Quilts - but I don't know the name. 
 Of course, I want HAVE to use this as the backing.
 Any clues?  I know so many people out there may have seen this, may own some and know what it's called, what line it's from or maybe could be sitting on a bolt - a gal can hope, right. 
So do any of you do that?  Get something in your head and then you know nothing else will be as good?  And obsess about it over and over?

So what have I been up to lately - well, working and working.  A bit of sewing.  A bit of reading.  Walking - trying to work on balance and endurance.

I also bought a new car.  Or leased one, that is.  My husband and I have never leased.  All three of us (hubby, son and myself)  have been driving cars well over 10 years old, with little reliability.  We checked out many models and finally settled on a Chrysler 200.  If you've seen the ad with Eminem shining the spotlight on Detroit and Chrysler - that's my car.  Even the same color.  I love it!  Fun to drive, comfortable, pretty - especially in the sun.

Hope all the dad's have a great Dad's day.  Michigan weather was a bit hot last week but absolutely  beautiful the last couple days.  I hope it's that way this weekend!

Stitch with smiles....find some time to do what you wish this weekend.

Sherry :0)